With more than 100 sessions focusing on the 2016 theme—Quality Expanded: In the profession, through the organization, and around the world—browse through the program by day, level, focus area, and session type to find exactly what you need.

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Unique Session Opportunities

NEW! Satellite Sessions

This new session format is a combination of tour and educational session located at two Milwaukee organizations. These sessions have the added benefit of including elements that leverage the location in a way that engages you and reinforces the concept being shared, while still focusing on the theme of the conference. 

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Flip Sessions

This interactive session format is designed to provide you with a unique method of learning. They are flipped to allow you to view the session presentation online before the conference, then do all the hands-on activities, exercises, and Q&A during the conference session time with the presenter.  

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Level Descriptions

Basic: Provides an introduction to a subject, including practical and user-friendly definitions of terms. The primary focus is to bring an individual who may not be familiar with the area to a level of knowledge that facilitates further learning.

Intermediate: The participant should have some degree of knowledge of the subject. The intent is to build on an individual’s knowledge of the subject to a point of greater understanding.

Advanced: Provides an in-depth and/or up-to-date treatment of a subject. A strong theoretical background and a working knowledge of a subject are expected of those that attend.

Session Descriptions

Concurrent Session: These 60-minute sessions are meant to present real applications, results, and solutions based on quality principles or theory that can be implemented immediately.

Workshop: Workshops will lead participants from an identified beginning point through a logical and clearly identified end point with the expansion of the related body of knowledge and include hands-on learning activities that demonstrate and reinforce the concepts presented.

Flip Session: These interactive sessions are designed to provide you with a different method to learn and understand how the tools, techniques, and approaches can be applied to your individual work setting with a flipped approach to the session. To participate, just view the session presentation online before the conference and then do all the hands-on activities, exercises, and Q&A during the conference session time.

After 5 Session: (Monday Evening) These exciting and innovative sessions are less formal than concurrent sessions and cover numerous topics that may not relate directly to quality in the traditional sense and include a social component, which adds to the level of interaction between the facilitator and the participants, as well as the participants and their peers.

2016 World Conference on
Quality and Improvement
May 16 – 18, 2016  |  Milwaukee, WI