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Anyone in a product or service development endeavor.

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In any product or service development endeavor, listening to the Voice of the Customer is critical to how well market needs are met. This course covers the basics of how to gather customer data and the different methodologies needed to analyze customer input. Participants will gain an appreciation of the importance of understanding the customer needs, in the customer's own words.
This course consists of exercises, quizzes, a final exam, and a certificate of completion. A downloadable workbook includes numerous forms to make the initial contact with customers more effective. It includes a customer selection matrix, demographic surveys, phone scripts, contact letters, 95 customer focus group questions, sample interview guides, competitor analysis forms, environmental mapping sheets, data validation forms, and a bibliography.

  • Learning Objectives
    • Define the meaning of the Voice of the Customer
    • Describe the difference between basic, performance, and excitement quality as defined by the Kano Mode
    • Identify how and where customer information can be collected within an organization and outside the organization
    • Explain how to determine the number of customers to interview
    • Create a customer selection matrix based on an organization's market
    • Construct phone scripts and contact letters
    • Recognize the difference between a customer need and a product feature
    • Define appropriate questioning techniques using the VOC process
    • Identify benefits of one-on-one interviews vs. focus groups
    • Understand how to conduct one-on-one interviews and focus groups
    • Explain how to build subconscious rapport
    • Outline the steps involved in a total VOC process
    • Determine key environmental aspects at the customer's location
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    • ASQ RU: 0.2
    • Provider: LearnFirm
    • Course ID: VOC01LF
    • Course Length: 2 hours
    • You have 90 days to access this course.
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