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Metrology is the scientific study of measurement. ASQ's metrology training courses can teach you how to design and run measurement calibrations to determine accuracy, precision, reliability, and traceability.

Books on Metrology

ASQ Team Excellence Training (Level 2): Evaluating and Judging High-Performing Teams
Classroom; On-Site - EJHPTASQ
Benefit your project team with the insight of an International Team Excellence (ITE) judge and provide essential feedback for improvements.
Certified Calibration Technician Certification Preparation
Web-based - CCTEP07WPT
Based on the CCT Body of Knowledge, this Web-based certification preparation program of practice questions helps you prepare for the ASQ CCT exam.
Certified Calibration Technician Certification Preparation
Classroom - CCTR
Study content you'll need to prepare for the ASQ Certified Calibration Technician exam. For practitioners and anyone interested in the exam.
Certified Quality Inspector Certification Preparation
Web-based - SPCQI2012ASQ
This web-based course includes practice questions to help you prepare for the ASQ CQI exam. It is based on the CQI Body of Knowledge.
Certified Quality Technician Certification Preparation
Web-based - SPCQT2ASQ
Based on the CQT Body of Knowledge, this Web-based certification preparation program of practice questions helps you prepare for the ASQ CQT exam.
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Fundamentals - 2009
Classroom - GDTFTEC
Learn how to apply GD&T to a variety of situations including your own parts
Identifying Environmental (ISO 14001) Aspects and Impacts
Web-based - ISO14001JPR
This course helps you deliver an "auditable" output to your organization that is conformant to the ANSI/ISO 14001: Standard
Introduction to Measurement and Calibration
Web-based - IMC07WPT
ISO 17025 Compliance
Web-based - ISO1702507WPT
Gain a better understanding of ISO 17025. Learn concepts and procedures for ISO compliance and uncertainty management.
Measurement System Analysis for Beginners: Know Measurement Error
Web-based - MSAJPR
Learn measurement system analysis fundamentals and examples of linearity, bias, and stability studies.
Measuring Process and Organizational Performance
Virtual; Classroom - MPOP
Determine what you need to measure in order to improve. Then learn to review, report, and act upon these metrics.
Metrology Applications for Engineers and Scientists
Web-based - METAPPWPT
Learn the most important concepts and practices in the science of measurement.
Practical Measurement Uncertainty - Calibration
Classroom - PMU
Learn a practical approach to review and calculate specific examples for measurement uncertainty.

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