Statistical Thinking: An Introduction

Anyone operating in a decision-making environment.

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Statistics consists of information, exercises, and knowledge quizzes geared towards more advanced problem solving. This course will provide a review and introduction of basic statistical methods. You will have 180 days to access this course.
For the examples, this course will utilize the Microsoft's Excel 'Analysis ToolPack' Add-In. Any statistical software can be used for the analysis.

  • Learning Objectives
    • Learn measures of central tendency and variation
    • Understand the relationship between a sample and its population
    • Describe the properties of the Normal Distribution and the Central Limit Theorem
    • Use and describe Confidence Intervals to characterize a group average
    • Understand risks in decision-making (Type I and Type II error)
    • Know how to execute and interpret some commonly-used statistical tests for the average (or group of averages)
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    • CEU Hours: 0.6
    • ASQ RU: 0.6
    • Provider: LearnFirm
    • Course ID: ST01LF
    • Course Length: 6 hours
    • You have 180 days to access this course.
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