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Anyone interested in both SPC Basics-Online and SPC Advanced-Online

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This course combines all of the content from SPC Basics-Online and SPC Advanced-Online. You will have 90 days to access this course.
Topics Include:
SPC and Variation
Pictures of Numbers
Introduction to Control Charts
Selecting Parameters
Types of Control Charts
Setting Up and Using a Control Chart
Introduction to Process Capability
Using Normal Curves
Process Capability Assessments
Introduction to DOE
Application of DOE

  • Learning Objectives
    • Understand what SPC is and how it differs from the usual method of quality control
    • See how histograms help teams better understand process behavior
    • Use control charts to detect special causes of variation in processes
    • Help teams use a variety of quality tools to decide which parameters to control in their processes
    • Explain the basic rules of control chart usage and determine the appropriate control chart to use for various process parameters
    • Calculate control limits and see the role teams can play in reducing variation by using data from control charts
    • Describe how control charts and histograms aid in assessing process capability, and how to use sample data in estimating population characteristics
    • Understand the characteristics of a normal distribution and how to use a normal curve in estimating proportion of product that meets specifications
    • Assess process capability for both variables and attribute data
    • Explain the role of Design of Experiments (DOE) in process improvement and reduction of variability
    • Understand how to plan, organize, and run a successful designed experiment
  • More Information

    Course Data

    • CEU Hours: 0.9
    • ASQ RU: 0.9
    • Provider: The Quality Group
    • Course ID: SPCC01TQG
    • Course Length: 9 hours
    • You have 90 days to access this course.
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