Software Configuration Management

This course helps you understand the practice of Configuration Management (CM).

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'The topic of this tutorial is Software Configuration Management (SCM). A system can be defined as a collection of components organized to accomplish a specific function or set of functions (IEEE610.12-90). The configuration of a system is the functional and/or physical characteristics of hardware, firmware, software, or a combination of these, as set forth in technical documentation and achieved in a product. It can also be thought of as a collection of specific versions of hardware, firmware, or software items combined according to specific build procedures to serve a particular purpose. Configuration Management (CM) then, is the discipline of identifying the configuration of a system at distinct points in time for the purpose of systematically controlling changes to the configuration, and maintaining the integrity and traceability of the configuration throughout the system life cycle.This tutorial is intended to assess your understanding of SCM through inline quizzes and feedback. Specific topics addressed in this course are: management of the SCM process, software configuration and control, software configuration status accounting, software configuration auditing, software release management and delivery, and software configuration management tools.'

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