Process Auditing Techniques

These techniques can be used by auditors who conduct internal, supplier, and certification audits.

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This course is focused on methods and techniques to conduct successful quality, safety, and environmental process audits for assessment and verification purposes.
Participants will follow along a step-by-step process for utilizing process audit techniques during the preparation, investigation, evaluation, and reporting stages. The course is not specific to any performance standard but ISO 9001 example controls are used for convenience. This course includes a desk reference that covers all lessons and links to the QualityWBT Glossary.
Students should have already completed a basic audit training class such as Internal Auditing Basics or be an experienced auditor.

  • Learning Objectives
    • Audit processes
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics of a process
    • Apply the plan
    • do
    • check
    • act (PDCA) cycle and the analyze
    • change
    • do
    • prosper (ACDP) improvement cycle
    • Evaluate adequacy of controls
    • Collect audit evidence
    • Prepare process flow diagrams
    • Apply techniques to identify risk
    • Audit processes that have no procedures or specific requirements
    • Use process audit techniques to support management systems
    • Determine process effectiveness
    • Compose an audit report assessing compliance, controls, risk, and process optimization
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    Course Data

    • CEU Hours: 0.8
    • ASQ RU: 0.8
    • Provider: Quality WBT
    • Course ID: PAT01JPR
    • Course Length: 7 hours
    • You have 90 days to access this course.
    • Cancellation Policy

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