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This course will guide you in the effective use of the plan-do-study-act (PDSA) problem-solving model. Learn the steps and actions needed to carry out change in your organization. Valuable quality improvement tools are introduced as you move through the model. Knowledge check activities will let you apply what you’ve learned. Plus, you receive access to seven QTools™ courses, including 5 Whys, check sheet, fishbone diagram, flowchart, Pareto chart, run chart, and scatter diagram.

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This easy-to-follow course, with engaging narration and animation, guides you step by step through the plan-do-study-act, or PDSA (also known as Plan-Do-Check-Act, PDCA), model, a four-step problem-solving model used to improve a process or carry out change.

Learn about the specific sub-steps and actions comprising each major step of the plan-do-study-act model, as well as the valuable quality improvement tools you can use to successfully complete each step. Review a practical, real-life scenario that leverages the PDSA model and the most appropriate quality tools to improve the process in question.

You'll be prompted at key points within the course to access the additional training for each of the quality tools (QTools™). These short, 30-minute modules will give you the tools you need to successfully complete an improvement project.

Interactive knowledge checks in this course let you apply what you’ve learned.

  • Learning Objectives
    • Describe the PDSA model, its origins, and its use in continuous quality improvement
    • List the four major steps of the PDSA model
    • Explain each step of the PDSA model and its sub-steps and actions
    • Identify the quality tools you could potentially use to complete each step of the PDSA model
    • Learn how to use quality tools, including 5 Whys, check sheet, fishbone diagram, flowchart, Pareto chart, run chart, and scatter diagram
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    Course Data

    • CEU Hours: 0.5
    • ASQ RU: 0.5
    • Audience: Beginner
    • Provider: ASQ - Online
    • Course ID: PDSAQTASQ
    • Course Length: 8 hours
    • You have 365 days to access this course.
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