Lean for Healthcare

All employees, especially supervisory or management personnel will benefit from this course.

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Lean projects cut through all levels of an organization. For the full commitment and participation in Lean Enterprise, an understanding of Lean concepts is important for the CEO, president, vice presidents, functional managers or other senior management, including quality and process improvement leaders. This web-based training concentrates on the key distinction between Lean and other performance improvement techniques-- how it views waste and the value stream that delivers products and services. Many organizations that tolerate waste do not realize that up 25% of their revenues are consumed by waste, and that each 10% reduction in wasteful activity can drop as much as 2.5% to their bottom line.
The healthcare and medical industries often employ processes that perform at less than optimal levels, thus creating many opportunities for improvement. By utilizing Lean principles, you can work towards creating effective and efficient environments throughout your company which, in turn, can lead to making significant advances in the quality of healthcare and medical services. If you apply these techniques properly, you will find that you are not only doing things right but that you are also doing the right things.
In addition, students will be able to access:
a comprehensive glossary
tools and templates for projects
healthcare case studies
statistical analysis application
Audio option for content included. You will have 180 days to access this course.

  • Learning Objectives
    • Lean implementation results in enhanced cost and cycle-time reduction, customer satisfaction and standardized high quality. This course focuses on Lean methods that can be used to minimize all forms of waste and maximize value for the customer.
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    • CEU Hours: 2
    • ASQ RU: 2
    • Provider: Creative Healthcare
    • Course ID: CHCLEAN
    • Course Length: 20 hours
    • You have 180 days to access this course.
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