Future State Value Stream Mapping

Use a lean value stream to complete a process with the shortest lead time at the highest quality and lowest cost possible. Future state value stream mapping course is the next step after a current state value stream map.

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The goal of a lean value stream is to produce the product or complete the process in the shortest lead time, at the highest quality and at the lowest cost possible in order to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. After the current state value stream map has been created, the next step is to analyze the current process and flow to develop a clear vision of the desired future state. In order for an organization to complete its lean transformation process, it must understand the desired end goal.

  • Learning Objectives
    • Define a future state value stream map and describe its purpose
    • Define and calculate takt time, and discuss its role in value stream mapping
    • Demonstrate how to analyze a current state value stream map to create a future state value stream map
    • Discuss how to enable flow and develop pull
  • Who Should Attend

    Intermediate to Advanced

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