Error Proofing

Learn to prevent errors and detect mistakes when they occur. This course helps you “error proof” your operations. You’ll improve quality and reduce failures and omissions.

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Error proofing is used to ensure products and processes are completed correctly the first time. The goal of error proofing is to prevent the occurrence of defects and to ensure that mistakes are detected when they occur. Because people can make mistakes even in inspection, error proofing often relies on mechanisms built into tools or systems that automatically signal when problems occur or prevent the process from continuing until the proper conditions are met.

  • Learning Objectives
    • Define error proofing from a lean perspective
    • Describe its business benefits
    • Discuss how it can improve quality and reduce failures and omissions
    • Understand and be able to apply the six-step error proofing process
    • Explain how to implement error proofing for both office and manufacturing processes.
  • Who Should Attend

    Beginning to Intermediate

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