Charting Process Behavior (SPC)

Anyone interested in charting process behavior using statistical process control charts.

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This course provides an introduction to basic concepts for charting process behavior using statistical process control charts. The content covered by this course is also known as Statistical Process Control (SPC). Participants will receive a basic understanding of tools and methods used to measure and understand process behavior over time - in support of a Six Sigma DMAIC project or for ongoing process management.
Course materials are presented within the context of a Six Sigma improvement project, where process behavior charts (control charts) are often used in the Measure, Analyze, and Control phases of the D-M-A-I-C process. However, involvement in a Six Sigma project is not a prerequisite, and no prior knowledge of Six Sigma is assumed. This course is a component of the Online Six Sigma Black Belt and Online Six Sigma Green Belt courses.
Because it's designed with a heavy practice orientation, as much as 40% of your time is spent working through interactive practice exercises and online assessments. This course is a multimedia, interactive learning experience with audio lectures, slide shows, virtual classroom discussion, online notebook, toolbox, quizzes, glossary, and help feature. Media components are designed to consume minimal bandwidth and are not blocked by most firewalls. You will have 90 days to access this course.

  • Learning Objectives
    • Understand the Six Sigma DMAIC process
    • Understand the basics of measurement
    • Construct and interpret a histogram
    • Evaluate process performance over time using a Trend Chart
    • Develop a subgrouping strategy
    • Construct and interpret Statistical Process Control charts for variable and attribute data
    • Perform a capability analysis
    • Recognize when to apply the tools and techniques to complete the measure, analyze, or control phase of a Six Sigma project
    • Perform calculations as required
  • More Information

    Course Data

    • CEU Hours: 1.2
    • ASQ RU: 1.2
    • Provider: Moresteam
    • Course ID: CPB01MS
    • Course Length: 12 hours
    • You have 90 days to access this course.
    • Cancellation Policy

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