Certified Quality Engineer Certification Preparation

This course is intended for students who plan on taking the Certified Quality Engineer exam. It helps prepare you by focusing on the most difficult topics on the exam.

Omaha, NE (9547ILT)
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October 24 – 28, 2016
Member: $1599.00
List: $1899.00
Las Vegas, NV (9501ILT)
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November 7 – 11, 2016
Member: $1599.00
List: $1899.00
Saint Petersburg, FL (9705ILT)
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February 6 – 10, 2017
Member: $1599.00
List: $1899.00
New Orleans, LA (9762ILT)
April 24 – 28, 2017
Member: $1599.00
List: $1899.00
Oak Brook, IL (9738ILT)
Schedule and Travel Info
May 22 – 26, 2017
Member: $1599.00
List: $1899.00
On-Site Training
Need to train a group of five or more? Consider on-site training.

This course provides a very thorough overview of the reliability, acceptance sampling, and quantitative methods topics covered in the body of knowledge for the ASQ Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) exam. It is designed to teach these topics in particular since they are the topics most commonly failed on the CQE exam.

  • Learning Objectives
    • Master the effective use of the tools covered in the quantitative methods, reliability, and acceptance sampling sections of the body of knowledge for the ASQ Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) exam.
  • Who Should Attend

    Quality engineers, manufacturing/process engineers, quality managers, quality improvement professionals, consultants, or anyone preparing to take the CQE exam should attend this training.

  • More Information


    All attendees are required to bring their own copy of the ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2008 standard to this training course. These will not be provided for you. You can purchase a copy of this standard from ASQ (Item T964). See details page for additional prerequisites.

    Course Data

    • CEU Hours: 3.1
    • ASQ RU: 3.1
    • Provider: ASQ - ILT
    • Course ID: CQEP
    • Course Length: 31 hours
    • Cancellation Policy
  • Instructors

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