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Phoenix, AZ Quality Training

Business Process Management Orientation Workshop
Classroom - BPM
Business Process Management (BPM) optimizes the results from your organizations’ process improvement initiatives.
DMAIC Review Workshop
Classroom - DMAICRW
Two day DMAIC review designed to put new life into your Lean Six Sigma program or refresh your own comfort level with the tools used in Lean Six Sigma projects.
Lean Bronze Certification Review Program
Classroom - LBCRP
Gain a foundation of knowledge in lean and prepare for the Lean Certification Bronze-level exam.
Lean Enterprise
Classroom - LEAN
Develop a plan to implement lean across your organization, leading to reduced costs and cycle time.
Lean for Service
Classroom - LFS
Reduce waste and streamline operations by applying lean to your service and administrative functions.
Lean Kaizen: A Simplified Approach to Process Improvement
Classroom - KAIZEN
Increase your organization’s efficiency while continuously implementing best practices.
Lean Leadership Skills Workshop
Classroom - LLSW
Develop the competencies demonstrated by outstanding leaders in lean manufacturing and service organizations.

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