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Virtual Quality Training

Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Certification Preparation
Virtual - VCMQR
Become the quality expert for your organization. The CMQ/OE is a professional who is ready to make the right quality related decisions at any level of the organization. This is a certification exam preparation or refresher course.
Consultant's Boot Camp
Virtual - VCBC
Find out what every consultant needs to know. You’ll cover marketing, sales, fiscal planning, and time management.
Continuous Improvement Techniques
Virtual - VCITASQ
Use continuous improvement tools to improve your performance. Analyze fundamentals of process improvement techniques and apply basic quality tools to business processes.
Corrective and Preventive Action
Virtual - VCAPS
Learn process requirements and risk evaluation. Research the cause of a problem. Develop and deploy an action plan.
Cost Of Quality (COQ) Implementation
Virtual - VQCP
Calculate the cost of quality within your organization. Develop strategies to manage improvement projects for your company.
Defining & Achieving the ROI of Quality in Service
Virtual - VDARQS
Align service quality initiatives to senior management’s key areas—financial, customer growth, efficiency, technology, and employees.
Developing High-Performance Supplier and Partner Relationships
Virtual - VDHPSPR
This course teaches service organizations how to form and manage strategic business partnerships.
Effective Communication Skills for Consultants
Virtual - VECSC
This virtual course is part of our series designed for new consultants and consultants-to-be.
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis -- Design
Virtual - VFMEAD
Learn how to construct and analyze a design FMEA for a new product. Address potential failures before they occur.
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis -- Process
Virtual - VFMEAP
Learn how to construct and analyze a Process FMEA. Address potential failures before they occur.
Integrated Quality Management
Virtual - VIQM
Integrate quality management into your organization and create an action plan for your business.
ISO 13485:2003 Incorporating Key Requirements as a Quality Management System
Virtual - VISO1348
Learn how to implement an ISO 13485 quality management system and receive an overview of important auditing procedures.
ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Requirements
Virtual - VISO2200
Consumers expect that all food products will be safe for consumption. With more than 1 billion meals consumed daily in the United States alone, food safety hazards can occur at any stage in the food chain.
ISO 22000:2005 Internal Auditor
Virtual - VISO22000IA
BSI’s ISO 22000:2005 Internal Auditor course focuses on teaching students an effective approach for auditing food safety management systems.
Lean for Service
Virtual - VLFS
Reduce waste and streamline operations by applying lean to your service and administrative functions.
Lean Kaizen: A Simplified Approach to Process Improvement
Virtual - VKAIZEN
Increase your organization’s efficiency while continuously implementing best practices.
Measuring Process and Organizational Performance
Virtual - VMPOP
Determine what you need to measure in order to improve. Then learn to review, report, and act upon these metrics.
Medical Device Export/Import
Virtual - VMDEI
Covers FDA regulations that you must meet to market your products in the U.S. and the specific standards and regulations set by the EU for device import.
Process Validation for Medical Device
Virtual - VPVMD
Meet FDA requirements and learn the principles and application of successful process validation.
Quality Concepts
Virtual - VQCASQ
Examine the key philosophies of quality leaders and apply those principles and methods to your quality management system.
Quality Improvement Fundamentals
Virtual - VQFS
Learn how quality fundamentals can transform your organization and facilitate process improvement.
Risk Management for Medical Device
Virtual - VRMMD
Identify product and process hazards. Evaluate the hazards for a possible level of risk and determine ways to mitigate the risk.
Service Excellence Through Quality Practices
Virtual - VSXQP
Transform your service organization with improvement tools and strategies that are proven in service environments.
Supplier Management for the Medical Device Industry
Virtual - VSMMDI
If you are in the medical device industry, this course will guide you in selecting and managing suppliers to ensure high quality from their product or service.
Team Basics
Virtual - VTBASQ
Solidify your knowledge of team effectiveness while creating a team charter and examining quality philosophies. Apply your understanding of team dynamics to resolving conflict among members.
The Case for Quality: Taking it to Management
Virtual - VCFQTMGR
Demonstrate the tools and benefits of quality to upper-level management. Effectively sell your ideas and proposed projects.
The Innovation Imperative
Virtual - VINIM
Become an innovator and develop an innovative culture in your organization

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