ASQ Quality Tools - Fishbone Diagram

This course teaches you how to use a fishbone diagram as a problem-solving tool. It allows you to organize and classify your organizational challenges into an analytical and actionable system.

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Simple quality tools can help you solve many problems. Learn how to organize and categorize potential problem causes using a fishbone diagram. Watch a team create a fishbone diagram for a problem they are facing and then help them organize their thoughts. See how flexible and powerful this simple tool is and then try it yourself! This course is now available on the iPad using the Articulate Mobile Player.

  • Learning Objectives
    • Understand what a fishbone diagram is
    • Understand how and when to use a fishbone diagram
    • Understand the benefits of using fishbone diagrams in problem solving
    • Build your own fishbone diagram
  • Who Should Attend

    Anyone new to quality who wants to learn and apply simple problem analysis tools.

  • More Information

    Course Data

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    • ASQ RU: 0
    • Audience: Beginner
    • Provider: ASQ - Online
    • Course ID: FDASQ
    • You have 365 days to access this course.
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