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Living Communities Model Questions and Answers

Why is ASQ implementing a new membership model?
A new membership model designed to provide choice, flexibility, and to open the doors of membership to all interested in the practice and/or profession of quality was initiated at the request of ASQ’s board of directors. The Living Community Model approach advances ASQ’s vision as the “community of choice for everyone who seeks quality technology, concepts, or tools to improve themselves and their world.”

The Living Community Model offers more categories, flexible options, new and enhanced benefits, and varied dues. The model will continue to be enhanced, based on member needs and feedback, to offer more opportunities for individual and organizational membership. Plans call for the model to be implemented in three phases initially, beginning with Phase 1 this year and continuing over the next three years.

What new membership opportunities are available?
The new membership categories for Phase 1 are Forum/Division and Associate. Also offered are an enhanced Regular membership, which is based on ASQ’s current Regular membership type and a Student category. ASQ’s new Regular membership category includes the Fellow and Senior grades. Phase 1 focuses primarily on individual categories. Phase 2 will add more benefits to these categories and will offer various options for group, organization, and corporation memberships and sponsorships.

What are Forums/Divisions and how will they be developed?
The Forum/Division membership is intended to appeal to those individuals who have an interest in quality that is focused within a specific industry or topic. Forum/Division membership provides membership and benefit access primarily through an online environment, although face-to-face and networking opportunities will be available to further engage this member.

On July 1, 2004, AQP will become the Teamwork and Participation Forum. Current ASQ Divisions and Interest Groups also are included in the Forums/Divisions options.

What will members receive as a result of the new model?
There are many new and enhanced benefits in Phase 1 of the model, and more are already planned for availability in the next year. These benefits are based on research on current and prospective members’ needs, as well as benchmarking against other professional association offerings. They are designed to enhance the value and membership experience significantly, in both the short and long term. Phase 1 benefits include:

  • Electronic “bundles” of topic-specific articles delivered to each Regular member online via .
  • Tools and strategies for all members to prove the economic case for quality.
  • Tools and strategies to help all members enhance the image of the quality professional.
  • Sustained public campaigns to increase the awareness and image of ASQ.
  • Quality News Today, a worldwide news service available to various member categories.
  • One Forum/Division with the Regular member base package.
  • Kinko’s 15% discount card.
  • Leisure and affinity benefits, including elder care and life line screening options, personal lines of insurance, identify-theft protection, and MBNA World Points for gift certificates and merchandise.

What benefits are received with each category of membership?
An easy-to-understand chart of benefits (see above) links benefits with each category of membership.

What other benefits are under consideration for future phases?
Benefits for Phase 2 are planned to include, but are not limited to, the following list (subject to approval by the board of directors).

Forum/Division Member Benefit Additions:

  • Article bundles for each industry and topic-specific Forum/Division.
  • Forum/Division-specific discussion boards.
  • Moderated chats for Forums/Divisions related to specific topic or industry and determined by member need.
  • Enhanced quality dictionary.

Associate Member Benefit Additions:

  • Complimentary Quality Information Center research.
  • Enhanced quality dictionary.

Regular Member Benefit Additions:

  • Complimentary Quality Information Center research searches and information.
  • Enhanced quality dictionary.
  • Enhanced, customized article bundles.
  • New Forums/Divisions.

Student Member Benefit Additions:

  • Enhanced quality dictionary.
  • Resume-building services.
  • Career path planning information and services.

What is the dues structure for the new membership categories?
Forum/Division members will pay $29 in annual dues, and Associate memberships will be $69 per year. Current Regular ASQ members may renew their memberships for $119 with an immediate $10 individual rebate for the fiscal year 2005 only. New Regular members will pay $119 in annual dues with no rebate, and Students will pay $25 each year.

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