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Information of interest related to managing change, employee involvement and teams, leadership, education and training, quality principles and practices, and human resource management.

Check out our top picks to determine which articles from other publications you should read in their entirety.

Title: “Where Are the Women?”
Magazine: Fast Company, February 2004
Author: Ellen Weinstein

Description: By now, plenty were supposed to be in the corner offices. It’s not working out that way. In many fields, men still rule, while women often choose more nuanced paths that keep them from reaching the top. But who are the real winners?

Title: “It’s the Real Thing: Authenticity”
Magazine: Darwin, February 2004
Author: John Baldoni

Description: There is a great deal of talk these days about authenticity and with good reason—there is so little of it to go around. Authenticity can be demonstrated through being available, listening, and showing respect.

Title: “American Manufacturers: It’s Time to Innovate or Evaporate”
Magazine: Innovation Tools, February 5, 2004
Author: Robert B. Tucker

Description: The United States lost 3 million manufacturing jobs in the last three years, and countless marginal players have ceased operations. There is, despite an uptick in factory orders, still a deep sense of resignation in this sector that asks, “How can we possibly compete with China when all they do is produce knockoff products with a wage scale that is so much lower than ours?” Truly it’s time to embrace innovation in a way that we’ve never embraced it before.

Title: “Making Stakeholders a Strategic Asset”
Magazine: Quality Progress, February 2004
Author: Tito Conti
Location: /data/subscriptions/qp/ 2004/0204/53making0204.html

Description: Quality models indicate that managing stakeholders to enhance their value generation capability is a winning strategy. The first step is clearly limiting the stakeholder role to those who cooperate to achieve organizational goals. Opportunities and threats arising from empowering stakeholders must also be understood.

Not sure what current books are worth your investment? News for a Change recommends that you read the following recent releases and consider adding them to your bookshelf for future reference.

Title: The Six Sigma Path to Leadership
Author: David H. Treichler
Publisher: Quality Press
ISBN Number: 0-87389-615-7
Format/Length: Hardcover, 270 pages
Price: $36.00 (AQP/ASQ members)

Description: This book serves as a support guide for individuals charged with establishing a Six Sigma system. It includes a collection of stories showing how others handled implementation problems, including both “how to” and “how not to” examples.

Title: Thinking for a Change: 11 Ways Highly Successful People Approach Life and Work
Author: John C. Maxwell
Publisher: Warner Books
ISBN Number: 0446529575
Format/Length: Hardcover, 304 pages
Price: $22.95

Description: At the heart of this book is a simple premise: To do well in life, we must first think well. But can we actually learn new mental habits? Thinking for a Change answers that with a resounding “yes”—and shows how changing your thinking can indeed change your life.

Title: Put the Moose on the Table: Lessons in Leadership from a CEO’s Journey Through Business and Life
Authors: Randall Tobias and Todd Tobias
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN Number: 0253342392
Format/Length: Hardcover: 184 pages
Price: $24.95

Description: This is an enlightening and hopeful book about succeeding without selling out, turning change to advantage, and confronting difficult issues as told by the former chairman and CEO of Eli Lilly.

Bookmark the following sites to provide ready access to up-to-date information that can improve your organization’s performance, as well as your personal performance.

Sponsor: Open Site, The Open Encyclopedia Project

Description: Open-site aims to be the most comprehensive, informational, volunteer-powered Web site on the Internet. Its purpose is to create, into an organized structure, content of different types, from different topics, and to share it with the Internet community. This portion of the directory collects and posts information related to organizational change.

Sponsor: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Description: The NASA headquarters library compiles information for this Web site. It contains a bibliography of books and articles on change management maintained in NASA’s library and available from many public libraries. At a higher level of the Web site, numerous other bibliographies on related topics are also available.

Sponsor: Leadership Research Interest Group

Description: This site is managed by the United States Army Research Institute (ARI) in collaboration with the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area and The George Washington University. The purpose of the site is to provide a forum for researchers, teachers, students, practitioners, and leaders to exchange knowledge, opinions, research, announcements, questions, and answers about leadership research. The site also provides information about funding opportunities and ongoing leadership research efforts sponsored by ARI and other organizations.

Looking for the best conference to attend this year? Here are some possibilities that might meet your needs.

Conference: The Quest for Excellence® Conference XVI—The Official Conference of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
Sponsors: NIST and ASQ
Dates: March 28-31, 2004
Location: Washington, DC
Price: $1,045 for nonmembers (member and group rates available)

Description: Learn about the tool used by business, education, and healthcare leaders to evaluate and focus their efforts on performance results, leadership effectiveness, customer and employee satisfaction, and process management. Meet the 2003 Baldrige Award recipients at The Quest for Excellence® (QE) XVI, where they will share exceptional performance practices, the journey to performance excellence, and their lessons learned.

Conference: 58th Annual Quality Congress
Sponsor: ASQ
Dates: May 24-26, 2004
Location: Toronto, Canada
Price: $711 prior to March 31

Description: ASQ’s premier annual conference features presentation sessions that are organized by topic, as well as by industry track, and contain information suited to beginning and advanced learners. Additionally, there are several keynote addresses, networking events, tours/activities, committee meetings, and product and service exhibits. This year’s conference incorporates the Team Excellence Award competition, which has been a long-standing component of AQP’s program.

Conference: 56th Annual Conference and Exhibition
Sponsor: Society for Human Resource Management
Dates: June 27-30, 2004
Location: New Orleans, LA
Price: $1,150 for nonmembers

Description: This year’s conference features keynote addresses by Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Marcus Buckingham, and Scott A. Livengood.

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