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Conference on Moral Imagination
Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
May 8-11, 2003
Minneapolis, MN

Organizers have invited papers on the use of moral imagination in business. Papers from all disciplines including philosophy, psychology, management, and organizational studies are planned. The conference will explore how executives can raise concerns within a company about ethical questions. Sessions will deal with accounting lapses, IPO irregularities, and issues raised by the Enron implosion.

ASQ’s 57th Annual Quality Congress
American Society for Quality (ASQ)
May 19-21, 2003
Kansas City, MO

Topics of interest include:

  • Management systems for performance excellence (e.g., standards, Baldrige).
  • Technology (business to business, business to customer, customer/supplier, Internet applications).
  • Six Sigma.
  • Global applications.
  • Basic tools for performance excellence (e.g., statistics, problem solving, sampling, inspection methods, etc.).
  • Advanced tools for performance excellence.

IIE Annual Conference
Institute of Industrial Engineers
May 17-19, 2003
Portland, OR

This is an opportunity to learn from the experts in cutting-edge research and hear about the latest in productivity improvement tools and techniques. IIE’s annual conference focuses on ideas you can implement and use immediately to improve your company’s bottom line. Experience a world-class educational event that delivers a comprehensive overview of current cost-effective solutions and scholarly research. This is the industrial engineering event of the year.
Improve your bottom line. Learn about the newest techniques in:

  • Lean manufacturing.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Simulation.
  • Project management.
  • Supply chain.
  • E-business.
  • Quality and process improvement.
  • Logistics.

Web Sites

Olsson Center for Applied Ethics

An international leader in the field of business ethics, the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Graduate Business Administration serves as a critical resource for executives, scholars, students, and Darden alumni who are faced with the challenges of integrating ethical thinking into business decision-making. It is ranked among the top academic centers for the study of ethics.

Effective Presentations

Here is a series of online tutorials that were prepared as part of a graduate course in a basic sciences graduate program. The tutorials are intended to aid in:

  • Developing an effective oral presentation.
  • Designing effective visual aids for presentations.
  • Creating an effective poster presentation.

A Beginner’s Guide to Effective E-mail

This is not a guide on the mechanics of sending e-mail—which buttons to push or how to attach a photograph. Those details are different for every different e-mail software package and are better handled by manuals for the program. Instead, the focus is on the content of an e-mail message: how to say what you need to say. Don’t think of this as e-mail etiquette (commonly called netiquette) because these guidelines don’t merely show you how to be a nice person. These guidelines show you how to be more efficient, clear, and effective.

Involvement & Participation Association

The IPA is a center of excellence in the United Kingdom for organizations developing world-class strategies for employee involvement and partnership. The IPA is a not-for-profit organization, which helps private and public organizations to develop effective working practices that recognize the vital contribution of employees and release the full potential of the work force.

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