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Words From President Michael Glowacki

Thank you, members.

There is no message more important to deliver than one of sincere gratitude to all of you who continue to support, practice, and spread the concepts behind achieving quality through participation. Think back to 1978 and the first conference of the IAQC. Imagine the presenters talking about quality, laying out the foundations for participation, and ascribing to those words meanings that are so very different from our current interpretations. Quality was a watchdog and participation was quality circles. Next, consider the role played by our association in influencing first the broad acceptance and then the evolution of those concepts.

Today, the requirements of meeting or exceeding customer expectations, facilitation, and leading teams are included in the job descriptions of nearly all managers and supervisors. This might cause an observer of the current scene to assume that the need for an AQP was never greater. We in the AQP certainly hold that belief. The challenge for us, as members of AQP, is to re-establish it as the preeminent provider of support and education for those individuals and businesses that aim to successfully compete in a global economy.

Do You Know What Day It Is?

Anyone who has played sports at one time or another has had his or her “bell rung.” One of the first questions asked to determine whether you are in condition to return to the game is, “Do you know what day it is?” AQP had its bell rung in the late ‘90s, and when our affiliate, the American Society for Quality, asked that question, our response was that it’s the day we put the P—participation—back into AQP.

The revitalization of AQP will be realized only through the contributions of those for whom it exists—the members. Your association needs ideas and volunteers to support the development of educational offerings, the Annual Conference, the team excellence awards process, and to help us identify better-focused member services and useful topics for AQP publications. This is a big, open field with room for everyone to play. It is AQP’s intent to actively involve as many of its members as possible. Participation is a few clicks and pecks away at . There you can read a description of each committee and communicate your desire to continue the work of your association well into the future by completing an application.

You’ll never know where this may lead. Seven years ago, at a Quest for Excellence conference in Washington, DC, an OD manager, left alone at a table while his co-workers advanced on the breakfast buffet, saw the AQP booth and had a thought. Nervously approaching, he caught the eye of Cathy Kramer, then executive director of the association, who smiled warmly. He stammered out a desire to become more involved in the decision-making activities of AQP. Today, that guy is hoping you’ll do the same at our AQP conference in New Orleans. And with respect for that moment in 1996, I promise to welcome you in with a warm smile. The first thing I’ll ask is, “Do you know what day it is?”

Michael Glowacki

MICHAEL GLOWACKI lives in Chicago with his extended family. He has been an AQP member since 1984 and is currently employed as manager, organization development, in the Elkay division of Elkay Manufacturing Company. He earned an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in business administration from Loyola University Chicago.


Call for Nominations

The road to quality has no map. You can provide direction by volunteering or being nominated to serve as a member of the AQP board of directors or committee. AQP is led by volunteer leaders like you. We restructured last year and the leadership committee is looking for new people with new ideas.

The board of directors takes office each July 1. This spring the leadership committee invites you to nominate someone to serve on the board or to nominate yourself. There are four board positions open for fiscal year 2003-04. The committee will look at nominations, suggestions, and AQP committee members when searching for potential new board candidates.

The AQP board of directors is a volunteer board striving to reflect the diversity of the professions we serve, and will serve in the future. Members of the board are supported by their organizations and are expected to attend three meetings each fiscal year (July 1-June 30); participate in approximately six conference calls; and occasionally represent the association at various other regional, national, or local events as calendars permit. The terms of service can be one-, two-, or three-year terms, depending on an individual’s interest and other factors.

Visit our Web site at and fill out the volunteer form. Or send the leadership committee chair, Steve Gibbons, an e-mail at . Give him the nominee’s name, title, company, address, e-mail address, and telephone number, as well as indicating the role you suggest for the person. The leadership committee will try to consider all nominees.

Be a participant, not just an observer. Help lead AQP into the future.


Upcoming Education Courses

Facilitating Teams and Groups
Enhance your facilitation skills to increase meeting effectiveness, including communication and conflict resolution, and to develop critical team roles and responsibilities. (Four days)

February 24-27: New Orleans, LA
Instructor: Judy King

April 7-10: Scottsdale, AZ
Instructor: Harold Kay

May 19-22: Kansas City, MO
Instructor: Doug Stark

Advanced Facilitation Skills
This training, developed from a research study, is invaluable and a great enhancement for professionals who already have experience in facilitation. (Two and one-half days)

February 24-26: New Orleans, LA
Instructor: Susan Smyth

April 7-9: Scottsdale, AZ
Instructor: Denny Krause

May 21-23: Kansas City, MO
Instructor: Denny Krause

Conducting a Baldrige Assessment
This training recognizes and meets the biggest challenges of completing a self-assessment or applying for the Baldrige Award. (One day)

February 23: New Orleans, LA
Instructor: Maryann Brennan

April 9: Scottsdale, AZ
Instructor: Karen Hawley

May 18: Kansas City, MO
Instructor: Maryann Brennan

Baldrige Assessment for Education
Learn how to conduct an assessment using the 2003 Baldrige Award Criteria for Education and the AQP 10-step assessment process. (Two days)

April 7-8: Scottsdale, AZ
Instructor: Karen Hawley

Building High Performance Teams
Using interactive exercises, this course will teach students how to work in teams for optimal performance. (Two days)

April 7-8: Scottsdale, AZ,
Instructors: Pete Grazier and Ray Martin

Lean Thinking Applied to Services and Administrative Functions
While its roots are in manufacturing, this training emphasizes the Lean Thinking philosophy and the powerful way it is designed to eliminate waste from processes in the services and administrative functions as well. (Two days)

April 7-8: Scottsdale, AZ
Instructor: Sylvia Bushell

The Leader’s Role in Changing Organizations
This recently updated course equips supervisors, team leaders, and managers with skills and techniques to meet the challenges of leading in a changing work environment. (Two days)

April 7-8: Scottsdale, AZ
Instructor: Jim Rollo

Achieving Breakthroughs in Business Performance Through Process Improvement
In a business environment where survival demands extraordinary improvement in business performance, success has been achieved in every industry through process-based transformation. (Two days)

May 21-23: Kansas City, MO
Instructor: Sheldon Enger

Emotional Intelligence: Leading and Managing
This training offers a direct link and understanding between emotional intelligence and leadership performance and gives leaders specific ways to improve their performance that promotes productivity and quality. (Two days)

May 17-18: Kansas City, MO
Instructor: Adele Lynn

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