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Significant Historical Events That Changed Quality and Teams

1950s through 1970s

Early 1950s: Deming, Juran, and Feigenbaum work with Japanese organizations

Early 1960s: Job enrichment and QWL appear

1974: Lockheed “finds” Japanese quality circles

1977: International Association of Quality Circles (IAQC), now AQP, founded

1978: 1st IAQC circles conference


1980: NBC airs its white paper “If Japan Can… Why Can’t We?”
Department of Commerce publishes the Model Uniform Product Liability Act
First meeting of Technical Committee 176 on Quality Assurance of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) conducted

1981: Product Liability Risk Retention Act attempts to reduce product liability insurance costs
AFL-CIO announces plans to issue a manual to guide unions in dealing with quality circles

1981-82: WQL teams form at GM

1983: Deming videos at MIT produced

1983-85: Tom Peters and Joel Barker videos hit the screens

1984: First House and Senate resolutions for a National Quality Month are passed, along with the first presidential proclamation naming October as National Quality Month

1985: NASA announces its Excellence Award for Quality and Productivity

1986: ISO 9000 series of quality standards announced
Canada establishes its National Quality Month

1987: IAQC becomes AQP
ASQC announces the formation of the American Quality Foundation
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award established

1988: DOD announces implementation of TQM in its procurement activities

1989: Self-managed teams are “discovered”
Motorola, a winner of the Baldrige Award, requires all eligible suppliers to apply for the award or be dropped
Florida Power and Light is the first American company to win Japan’s Deming Award
RAB established to accredit ISO 9000 registrars


1990: Suggestion systems are “rediscovered”
Shingo Awards are established

1990-99: Six Sigma spreads from Motorola to corporate America

1995: AQP merges with World Center for Community Excellence


Early 2000s: e-Learning begins to take hold
Number of virtual teams and projects grows dramatically

2001: AQP affiliates with ASQ


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  2. Karabatsos, Nancy, “Quality in Transition, Part 1: Account of the ‘80s,” Quality Progress, December 1989.

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