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Surviving In The New Economy: From virtual workplaces to technology overload, this special feature takes an in-depth look at the changing demands of our workplaces and world.

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Celebrating the Power of People
Tricks of the Trade—Unique Tranining Ideas
Views For A Change
Pageturners: Flawless Consulting Fieldbook

 One From Column B —
I Will Survive

 Peter Block explains why the new economy is just an economy, and why our relationships and our senses promise survival .

  Surviving In The New   Economy:

Working In A Virtual World
Defining The New Economy
Penny Sanchez- Burruss and Barry Johson, Ph.D

The 24/7 Work Invasion
Info, Info, Everywhere!
Brief Cases
Tips: It's About Time and Finding Time


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  Special Feature: Surviving In The New Economy

Defining The New Economy

The new economy means something different to everyone. The Wired's Encyclopedia of the New Economy describes it as "a world in which people work with their brains instead of their hands...A world in which rapid change is a constant. A world at least as different from what came before it as the industrial age was from its agricultural predecessor. A world so different its emergence can only be described as a revolution."

  In a past interview with News for a Change Peter Koestenbaum, Ph.D., a business consultant and philosopher, defined the new economy as "global and multi-cultural. It is high tech and high tech is overpriced. It is knowledge-oriented and skill- oriented, which means you have to have more training to really compete. It is impersonal. It is indifferent to human feelings. It's a free market and as a result it creates brutal competition. It is inevitable. It is there like a natural force."

What it Means to You

  In this special insert you will find more definitions of the new economy from a variety of sources. But perhaps how we define the new economy is not the point. Understanding the way in which we let it affect our lives is where we find real meaning-the first step in learning how to survive and thrive in this day and age without losing sight of the things that matter most.

  You will also read about the challenges many are facing in today's global marketplace and how they overcome the obstacles. Penny Sanchez-Burruss of Xerox discusses how they are capitalizing on changes in technology. Barry Johnson, an author and consultant, elaborates on the importance of managing interdependent opposites, or polarities, to achieve success. In "The 24/7 Work Invasion," the pressures of working around the clock meet the daily demands of life in a tug of war that is hard to win. And Peter Block expresses the idea that perhaps the new economy is just that: "it may be somewhat new, but it is just an economy. It is not a way of life."

 These articles offer differing perspectives and cover many dimensions of the new economy. They are intended to help you discover what the new economy means to you and decide how you will let it affect your life.


Working in the Virtual World
Peter Block - I Will Survive
           Penny Sanchez- Burruss
           Barry Johson, Ph.D

The 24/7 Work Invasion
Info, Info, Everywhere!
Brief Cases
Tips: It's About Time and Finding Time

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