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Online Edition - November/December 2000

Issue Highlight — A Sign Of Hope
- Peter Block addresses the importance for corporations to work in the public interest as well as the interest of shareholders, building strong communities and promoting social equity.

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Tackling Leadership
Generation X And The Baby Boomers At Work
Heeding The Call
A Sticky Situation: Creating Innovative Climates
Motivation Made Easy

Peter Block Column
Views for a Change
Heard on the Street

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Tackling Leadership
Mike Singletary on How to "Walk the Talk" on Your Own Playing Field

  Opposing players often stood in fear staring into the piercing eyes of Chicago Bears' middle linebacker Mike Singletary. Not only did his intensity and motivation affect the other team, those leadership qualities led the 1985 Bears to victory in Super Bowl XX. Both on and off the field, he did what came naturally-he led by example. His new challenge is working with organizations. Singletary believes that leaders must command respect and be consistent, patient, unbiased and faithful. Stating that he sees leadership fading, he wants to keep things simple. People should listen-he has an extensive resume and great first-hand experience.

Generation X And The Baby Boomers At Work
Getting Past the Generation Gap

  Two distinct generations walk the halls in your office today, and chances are they're not saying much as they pass by each other on their way to meetings or lunch. The members of one generation, the baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964), have walked from your company lunchroom to boardroom for years, first full of spunk and optimism in the 1980s, then during the heart-palpating insecurities of the 1990s. Now these veterans carry with them a lot of knowledge and experience. A history with the company, they say, gives them an understanding the new generation just doesn't have.

Heeding The Call
How Following Your Passion Can Improve Business and the Quality of Life

-- How often do you sit back, relax and take a minute to evaluate your life? Sure, for the most part you're pretty happy. But do you ever think about what you would rather do or what you have always dreamed of doing?
   If so, then Gregg Levoy has some advice for you. Listen to that little voice trying to tell you what to do. Instead of just thinking about all of those things, get out there and do them! Not only will you benefit personally, but most everything surrounding you will, too.

A Sticky Situation: Creating Innovative Climates
Assessment Tool Helps Organizations Understand Creativity and Innovation
   Many of us are so inundated with paperwork that we forget about one of our brain's most powerful tools-creativity.
   While it may be more apparent in our everyday leisure activities and hobbies, it is just as important to bring creativity to our jobs as well. As immeasurable as creativity may be at first, it is essential for the growth of any organization.
   Steven Zeisler of Zeisler Associates, Inc., shares with us the nine dimensions of a creative climate and how it can lead to measurable results, innovation and a lively organization.

Motivation Made Easy
Look Inside the Human Mind for Answers to All Your Relationship Needs

   We all have people in our lives that we just don't understand. And we've all had those moments when we wished we could crawl into that person's mind and ask, "What are you thinking?"
Lowell Jay Arthur, a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, deciphers some of the mysteries of the human mind through his Motivation Profile. These five "metaprograms" distinguish different motivation styles, making it easier to understand why people do what they do. Read on to get a closer look into how your colleagues make decisions.


Heard on
the Street

Time Is Money

-Do you ever feel like interviewing for a job can turn into a waste of time?

Getting the
Cyber Boot

With more and more Internet companies running into financial trouble, laid-off workers are in an uproar over the manner in which they are shown the door.

Long Road To Retirement

--IAs we reap the benefits of these prosperous financial times, what are we doing to prepare ourselves for the uncertain future?

Organizational Ethics

We would all like to believe that every time we make a decision it is completely ethical, but we know that isn't always the case.


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