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Issue Highlight - Homeward Bound
--- Peter Block offers some practical reccomendations about how to create balance and harmony in your life.
These recommendations are guaranteed to work or your time back."

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Balancing Work and Life — A Profile

The Day of Pigs

 Once nicknamed "Porkopolis" because of its slaughter houses, Cincinnati is going hog-wild with a Big Pig Gig for which Tamara Harkavy and her staff have rounded up a piggery of painted porcine personalities. Each cast resin figure is unique, bringing smiles to passersby in many public places.

  Harkavy is director of Artworks, Cincinnati, a nonprofit public parks agency promoting this summer's Queen City fund-raiser in emulation of the udderly successful "Chi-cow-go" program which filled the Windy City with colorful cows.

  Being a pig pen pal to 400 porcine figures and an equal number of talented artists applying acrylic make-up is just one part of Harkavy's balancing act. Providing summertime employment for talented teenagers is Artwork's major responsibility, with eight other park programs underway. Young imaginations go into play decorating park benches; creating public murals and sculptures, fashioning clothing and accessories to be sold in the Artworks Gallery; and sponsoring a Little Pig Gig in which piglet miniatures are painted.

  "We have a Bookworks project in which youngsters write stories and make their own books," Harkavy explains. "In a Speak Out program, poems are read, and in another, children make percussion instruments, then create appropriate rhythms and dances." In all of these summer endeavors, youngsters are required to apply and go through an on-site interview, Harkavy adds.

  These scattered programs and maintaining an Artworks office in Cincinnati's venerable Eden Park comprise the work aspect of Tamara Harkavy's life. In addition, she is a housewife and mother of an 11-year-old son. What is her greatest challenge in trying to balance these diverse commitments?

  "Time management," she quickly replies. "Despite this summer's increasing demands for Artworks projects, I am determined not to let my home life suffer. I have an amazing staff, with two assisting in the office, and crews working in the parks and at a warehouse where the pigs are delivered and housed before being moved to locations throughout Cincinnati and northern Kentucky."

  Harkavy says that she also has fine help with her family responsibilities. "My son is understanding, and my husband, Matt, is truly an equal partner. He carries a full workload as teacher, artist and property manager, and helps at home as well.

  "They understand this summer's special demands on my time. With limited quality time, we remain steadfast in our observance of a weekly family night," Harkavy continues. "We choose the night and even take our dog into consideration as we decide whether to stay at home, play games, take turns cooking dinner, watch TV or go to a movie."

  "Artworks has a dedicated, multi-national executive staff, and I rely on them greatly," Harkavy reports. "We keep in touch, and with 800 clients represented as sponsors or artists in the Big Pig Gig, continuity is vital to staying on top of our varied summer programs.

  "I must add, however, that we are rewarded daily by the fantastic response as an entire city comes together in support of a single, fun-filled art project. It's amazing."

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