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Online Edition - May 2000

Issue Highlight - The Oversight Fallacy
---There is a persistent belief in this culture that when you have a problem, the way to solve it is to find blame, institute controls and watch it more closely...

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The Costs Of A New Economy
Behavior: It's Not Just For Sociologists Anymore
An Art In Museum Exhibits
Battle Over Stress

Peter Block Column
Views for a Change

Heard on the Street
Diary of a Shutdown

Views for a Change
Consultant Q&A

At the University at Buffalo, we are in the process of implementing a continuous quality improvement initiative identified as "Improving Quality at the University at Buffalo" (IQ@UB). There is excellent interest and support from all of the administrative departments. However, we are also very interested in including many, if not all, academic departments. What steps can we take to "persuade" the academic departments that this initiative can be of value to their faculty and students? We are concerned that the academic departments will view IQ@UB as "only a business initiative" with little or no relevance for teaching and research. Basically, we are expecting academic departments to ask "What's in it for me?" (the so called "WIIFM" question ), and are seeking "responses" that have been used successfully in similar cases.
Roger R. McGill, Ed.D.
---Assistant Vice President, CQI and Campus Services
---University of Buffalo Buffalo, N.Y.

--John Runyan Responds
--David Farrell



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