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Online Edition - March 2000
--- The Hunt For Next November
-- "April in the state of Missouri is turkey-hunting season. It is an annual spring ritual that for many is extremely satisfying. It lasts two weeks and there is a limit of one turkey a week. Turkeys are not easy to hunt. They have great eyesight, great hearing and they are smart. If you are willing to get up at 5:30 in the morning, sit perfectly still for an hour, dress like a tree and make sounds like a lovesick female turkey, you might get lucky and attract a handsome male named Tom or Jake. Whether you shoot it or just take pleasure in its company is up to you. For some reason the experience, despite its discomforts, is spiritually renewing and leaves you a little more optimistic about life.n the relief."

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Angels With Rotary Wings
Reality Mirrors Movie
Stop The Merry-Go-Round

Peter Block Column
Views for a Change

Diary of a Shutdown


Views for a Change
Consultant Q&A


--We are in the middle of some decision making/problem solving. The dilemma seems to be that we have a 10-step structured, problem-solving approach in place, but not many people use it. Perhaps they see it as too cumbersome. Primarily, the issue is how do you get people to avoid the natural tendency to jump from problem statement to solution? The root cause identification step seems to be overshadowed by the group’s desire to reach agreement on the solution, without fully exploring all the causes and potential solutions available.

Diane Loverich
J & L Specialty Steel, Inc.
Midland, Penn.

John Runyan responds:
David Farrell responds:


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