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Teams That Work And Those That Don't
From Airline Cockpit Crews to String Quartets - Key Factors That Make Groups Successful

The next time you board that 757 instead of asking about the weather at your destination, you might ask how long the crew has been flying together. And if you were Richard Hackman - you most assuredly would. His research of effective teams has covered the ground and the skies from flight crews to string quarters. From telephone companies to ballet companies. And what he discovered is that flying the friendly skies is safer, if the crew has flown together before.

Hackman, Harvard's Cahners-Rabb Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology, authored "Groups That Work and Those That Don't", which examines the factors and conditions that foster excellent team performance, high quality outcomes and enriching experiences for team members. A native of central Illinois, Hackman received his undergraduate degree in mathematics from MacMurray College and his doctorate in social psychology from the University of Illinois. He taught at Yale until 1986, when he joined Harvard.

Hackman will speak on Critical Ingredients for Team Effectiveness at AQP's "Teams 2000: The Team-based Leadership and Measurement Symposium," October 25-27, Washington D.C. In addition to Hackman, the symposium will feature case studies by companies such as The Principal Financial Group and Ford Motor Company. Ed Lawler, founder and director of Southern California University's Center for Effective Organizations will also be a keynote speaker. The symposium will help attendees develop strategies for leading and expanding the team culture within their organization. For additional information, or to register call 1-800-733-3310.

NFC Editor Bill Brewer recently spoke with Hackman about the conditions for successful teams, flying, music and emotional intelligence.


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