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Joe Haberman
Dir. - Organizational Dev.
City of Portsmouth, Va.

Joe Haberman serves as the internal OD consultant, assessing individual department change plans, providing guidance in areas including leadership development, training, strategic planning, work culture development and related implementation strategies. Haberman will be serving as a finalist judge for the National Team Excellence Awards at the AQP Spring Conference.
The Alliance for Redesigning Government site—excellent support for those working to transform government. Their “Learning Network” is great for benchmarking/best practices info.
A quick way to keep up with the Harvard Business Review. Includes archives of former articles, as well as their newsletters and book searches.
The Innovation Groups is a nonprofit group providing information, training and research support activities for local governments. They are super folks who will bend over backwards to help and are in touch with many exciting innovations.
Couldn’t leave out my own organization’s web page. The city is rich in history, has many treasures for the tourist and makes a great stop for boaters entering the Intercoastal Waterway—we are at mile marker zero.
Contains nice descriptions of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, including some fun comparisons between each type and famous people in history that were likely to have been of the same type.
Great online catalog for outdoor lovers with very competitive prices.
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