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Business And Sports, One-On-One
Celtics' Head Coach Rick Pitino Discuesses Motivating Teams to Their Full Potential

With more businesses incorporating participation practices it's not uncommon for teams to feature entry-level employees. But not many teams feature college dropout entry-level employees with salaries breaking the million-dollar mark - unless you're on Rick Pitino's team. Head coach of the Boston Celtics, Pitino knows how to win at basketball. Now his team-building tactics are being noticed by businesses that want to improve, succeed and beat the competition.
Rick Pitino knows a lot about what it takes to make a successful team. A head coach since 1978 (Boston University), Pitino has coached at both the college and professional level. At the college level, Pitino reached the NCAA Final Four five times in a 10-year period, once claiming the national championship (1996, University of Kentucky). Now at the helm of the Boston Celtics, one of the National Basketball Association's most historic franchises, Pitino is trying to turn a recently struggling team into a competitor. Pitino's principles for building successful teams, highlighted in his best-selling book "Success Is a Choice," are the framework for achieving any team goal, whether it's guiding organizational change or beating the New York Knicks. Pitino highlights 10 steps for achieving success and reaching your full potential:

o Build self-esteem
o Set demanding goals
o Always be positive
o Establish good habits
o Master the art of good
o Learn from role models
o Thrive on pressure
o Be ferociously persistent
o Learn from adversity
o Survive success

A highly sought-after speaker, Pitino has taken his talent for motivating from the locker room into the boardroom. His ability to mold teams that achieve astounding results has made Pitino an icon in sports and business.
News for a Change Editor Bill Brewer recently spoke to Pitino about the ingredients of success, how monetary rewards affect performance, learning by listening, and the crossover between sports and business.


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