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November 1997


Quality Is No 'Easy Rider'
Accountability, Confrontation two keys to success at Harley-Davidson

Rebel With A Cause
Who is accountable for productive meetings.

Measure for Measure
Merrill Lynch relies on measurements for success and customer satisfaction


When Change Is No Change At All
by Peter Block

The Balance Sheet: Hidden Costs of Open Book Management
by Cathy Kramer


Brief Cases
Business News Briefs

Views for a Change

Book Review

Letters to the Editor


Letters To The Editor

I enjoyed the article in your October edition about Custom Research Inc., last year's Malcolm Baldrige Award winner. It really demonstrated some of the critical details surrounding their success with information sharing and teamwork. What I didn't see (but would have liked to see) was a brief description of what the company does, where they are located and any other background information that would have put the article in a better context. Is this something you could do in future articles? Looking forward to the next issue.

Gavin Freytag
President, Profitworks, Ltd.
Columbus, Ohio

Editor's Note:
Good catch! For you and other News for a Change readers, Custom Research Inc. (CRI) is a privately owned marketing research company headquartered in Minneapolis. CRI employs approximately 100 people and has client service offices in San Francisco and the New York area and two telephone centers.
CRI describes its business as "marketing research and customer satisfaction services worldwide. Services include new product evaluations, package studies, product tests, new product volume stimulation, and market structure studies." They also work to assess and continually improve the satisfaction of their customers.
If you would like additional information on CRI you may contact their headquarters at 612-542-0800.

MBTI - Use It, Don't Abuse It
I wanted to add my comments regarding the slight slam on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) in the May issue. I suppose any tool in the wrong hands can be abused, and managers or others who use it to pigeonhole people are missing its real benefits. Personality differences are frequent causes of team arguments and conflict, so the more one knows about these differences, the better the chance that the team will have less of these types of disputes.
Any facilitator worth her salt will make sure her teams understand their members' differences, and how those differences can be an asset. I, for one, couldn't believe how teams responded to this new knowledge and were able to put it to practical use.

Pete Grazier
Teambuilding, Inc.
Chadds Ford, Pa.

Both Sides of the Story
Thanks very much for the contrasting viewpoints in "Views for a Change." As a dedicated user of Myers-Briggs to clarify communication, I am really pleased to see presented both the Intuitive-Feeling approach of Mr. Runyan and the more Sensing-Thinking approach of Mr. Harrington. Thanks for recognizing the value in presenting the information in both "languages."

Pete Silvia
Quality Advocate
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
West Bethesda, Md.

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