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A magazine about statistics and its use in society.

Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics
Emphasizes applications of statistics in the agricultural, biological, and environmental sciences.

Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics
Contains cutting-edge research, data, surveys, and more on numerical graphical displays and methods, and perception.

Journal of the American Statistical Association
Articles focus on statistical applications, theory, and methods in economic, social, physical, engineering, and health sciences and on new methods of statistical education.

Contributes to the development and use of statistical methods in the physical, chemical, and engineering sciences with an emphasis on the application of statistical concepts and methods to problems that occur in these fields.

The American Statistician
Provides timely general-interest articles addressing current national and international statistical problems and programs, public policy matters of direct interest to the statistical profession, and the teaching of statistics.

Journal of Quality Technology
JQT is published quarterly by ASQ. The objective of the Journal of Quality Technology is to contribute to the technical advancement of the field of quality technology by publishing papers that emphasize the practical applicability of new techniques, instructive examples of the operation of existing techniques, and results of historical researches.

Quality Engineering
Quality Engineering is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal co-published by Taylor and Francis and ASQ.


Other Journals

Quality Digest Magazine
A source for quality news, tips, techniques, and provocative articles including a monthly feature on SPC.

Books & Reviews

Applied Statistics, Principles and Examples
Cox and Snell (1981)
Chapman and Hall

Statistical Distributions: A Handbook for Students and Practitioners
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Experimental Design

Statistics for Experimenters
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Designing Experiments and Analyzing Data: A Model Comparison Approach
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Linear Models

Empirical Model-Building and Response Surfaces
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Non-linear Regression
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Data Analytical Topics

Data Analysis and Regression
Mosteller and Tukey (1977)

Exploratory Data Analysis
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Velleman and Hoaglin (1981)
Duxbury Press

Statistical Process Control & Quality Improvement


Quality Improvement: Practical Applications for Medical Group Practice, 2nd ed.
Balestracci and Barlow (1997)
Center for Research in Ambulatory Health Care Administration

Out of the Crisis
Deming (1986)

Statistical Quality Design and Control: Contemporary Concepts and Methods
Devor (1992)

Fourth Generation Management: The New Business Consciousness
Joiner (1994)
McGraw Hill

Juran’s Quality Control Handbook, 4th ed.
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Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship

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The Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Products
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Understanding Statistical Process Control, 2nd ed.
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Evaluating the Measurement Process
Wheeler and Lyday (1989)
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Advanced Topics in Statistical Process Control
Wheeler (1995)
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Understanding Variation: The Key to Managing Chaos
Wheeler (1993)
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Statistical Graphics

Graphical Methods for Data Analysis
Chambers, Cleveland, Kleiner and Tukey (1983)

The Elements of Graphing Data
Cleveland (1985)

Visualizing Data
Cleveland (1993)
AT&T Bell Labs

Envisioning Information
Tufte (1990)
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The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
Tuftte (1983)
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Practical Nonparametric Statistics, 2nd ed.
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Nonparametric Statistical Methods
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Categorical Data

Categorical Data Analysis
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An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis
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The Statistical Analysis of Categorical Data
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Analysis of Binary Data, 2nd ed.
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The Analysis of Contingency Tables
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The Analysis of Cross-Classified Categorical Data, 2nd ed.
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Statistical Methods for Rates and Proportions
Fleiss (1981)
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Multivariate Analysis

An Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis, 2nd ed.
Anderson (1984)
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Multivariate analysis: methods and applications
Dillon and Goldstein (1984)
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Epidemiological Research
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Time Series Analysis

Statistical Methods for Forecasting
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Time Series and Forecasting
Bowerman and O'Connell (1987)

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Business Forecasting
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Bayesian Methods

Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis, 2nd ed.
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Box and Tiao (1973)
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Sampling and Power

Sampling Techniques, 3rd ed
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Cohen (1988)
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How many subjects? Statistical power analysis in research
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Sage Publications


Econometric Analysis, 2nd ed
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A Guide to Econometrics
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McGraw Hill

Computing and Simulation

Non-random random variate generation
Devroye (1986)
Springer Verlag

The jacknife, the bootstrap and other resampling plans
Efron (1982)

Statistical Thinking

Improving Performance Through Statistical Thinking
Britz, Emerling, Hare, Hoerl, Janis, Shade
ASQ Quality Press

Statistical Thinking Improving Business Performance
Roger Hoerl, Ronald Snee
Duxbury Press

Statistical Case Studies for Industrial Process Improvement
Czitrom and Spagon (1997)

Problem Solving: a statistician's guide
Chatfield (1988)
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The Cartoon Guide to Statistics
Gonick and Woollcott (1993)
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How to Lie with Statistics
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A Dictionary of Statistical Terms, 4th ed.
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Prescriptions for Working Statisticians
Madansky (1988)
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Use and Abuse of Statistics
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A Topical Dictionary of Statistics
Tietjen (1986)
Chapman and Hall

Electronic Textbooks

Statistics: The Study of Stability in Variation
Jan de Leeuw, UCLA Statistics Department

Electonic Statistics Texbook
StatSoft, Inc.

Software Packages

Software Reviews

The journal Quality Digest, publishes a yearly Statistical Process Control Software Buyers Guide --

In this guide, you will find a wide range of software dealing with SPC, problem solving, statistical analysis, design of experiments and related products.

Available for downloading is a matrix containing an alphabetical listing of more than 100 software companies or distributors and nearly 300 software products. Product attributes are listed across from the products under broad categories for SQC, statistical analysis, DOE and SPC, with each of these categories subdivided into specific product functions.


The Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms
A glossary of statistical terms presented in suggested learning order and alphabetically

Statistics Glossary
An alphabetical glossary of statistical terms taken from the electronic manual of Statistica software

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