ASQ - Statistics Division

Operations and Initiatives

Vision, Mission and Strategies of the ASQ Statistics Division Tactical Planning Meeting - May 5, 2013 (adopted October 18, 2013)

Vision - The ASQ Statistics Division promotes innovation and excellence in the application and evolution of statistics to improve quality and performance.

Mission - The ASQ Statistics Division supports members in fulfilling their professional needs and aspirations in the application of statistics and development of techniques to improve quality and performance.

Strategies -

1. Address core educational needs of members
     • Assess member needs
     • Develop a “base-level knowledge of statistics” curriculum
     • Promote statistical engineering
     • Publish featured articles, special publications, and webinars
2. Build community and increase awareness by using diverse and effective communications
     • Webinars
     • Newsletters
     • Body of Knowledge
     • Web Site
     • Blog
     • Social Media (Linedin and Twitter
     • Conference Presentations (Fall Technical Conference, WCQI, etc.)
     • Short courses
     • Mailings
3. Foster leadership opportunities throughout our membership and recognize leaders
     • Advertise leadership opportunities/ positions
     • Invitations to participate in upcoming activities
     • Student grants and scholarships
     • Awards (e.g. Youdon, Nelson and Hunter)
     • Recruit, retain and advance members (e.g. Senior and Fellow status)
4. Establish and Leverage Alliances
     • ASQ sections and other divisions
     • Non-ASQ (e.g. ASA)
     • CQE Certification
     • Standards
     • Outreach (professional and social)

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