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Ellis R. Ott Scholarship for Applied Statistics and Quality Management
Deadline: April 1

Criteria for Selection - Scholarship recipient must be a student who is planning to enroll or is currently enrolled in a masters degree or higher level US or Canadian program that has a concentration in applied statistics and/or quality management. Complete scholarship information and additional criteria are included in the application and instructions.

2015-2016 Scholarship Announcement

Download application file:
Application Form & Instructions (MS Word)

FTC Student Scholarship
Deadline: July 1

Criteria for Selection - The Statistics Division of the American Society for Quality offers up to 5 grants per year for students who wish to attend the Fall Technical Conference (FTC). Grants are available for currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students of statistics and quality management.

Download application information (PDF)

FTC Early Career Grant
Deadline: July 1

Criteria for Selection - The Statistics Division of the American Society for Quality offers grants for early career statisticians who wish to attend the Fall Technical Conference (FTC). Grants are available for those who have graduated with an undergraduate or graduate degree in statistics within the last 3 years who work in quality or statistics positions in industry, government, or academia.

Download application information (PDF)

William G. Hunter Award
Deadline: June 30

Criteria for Selection - The William G. Hunter Award is presented annually in order to encourage the creative development and application of statistical techniques to problem-solving in the quality field. Named in honor of the Statistics Division’s founding chairman, the award recognizes that person (or persons) whose actions most closely mirror Bill Hunter’s strengths, which were as:

  • A Communicator
  • A Consultant
  • An Educator (especially for practitioners)
  • An Innovator
  • An Integrator (of statistics with other disciplines) and
  • An Implementor (who obtained results)

Learn more about William Hunter in the archival document capturing the talk given at the Speakers' Dinner, 6th Annual William G. Hunter Conference on Quality that was in Madison, WI, June 2, 1993.

Download Award Criteria and Nomination Form (DOC) | Hunter Award Past Recipients (PDF)

ASQ Fellow Nomination
Deadline: July 1

Criteria for Selection - Candidates for ASQ Fellow Nomination must meet three basic requirements:

  • Active experience in quality related positions.
  • Senior member of ASQ in good standing.
  • Has attained distinction in quality-related disciplines.

Download nominations form, instructions, and Fellow Criteria Matrix

Lloyd S. Nelson Award
Deadline: Papers in Journal of Quality Technology automatically considered

On Feb. 8, 2003, Dr. Lloyd S. Nelson became ASQ's 20th Honorary Member upon receiving unanimous support from the Society's board of directors. His citation reads, "For enduring contributions to the science of quality improvement as the founding editor of the Journal of Quality Technology, for dissemination of knowledge to the profession through published articles and over 25 years of Technical Aids Columns in JQT, and for his service to the Society and the profession."

As the editor of ASQ's Industrial Quality Control, Nelson in the 1960s proposed dividing the magazine into two publications. Eventually, he convinced the board to create the general-interest magazine Quality Progress and the more technical quarterly Journal of Quality Technology. He became the first editor of the Journal of Quality Technology. Nelson was honored in 2001 as one of the first recipients of ASQ’s Distinguished Service Medal. He was named an ASQ Fellow in 1964 and was awarded the Shewhart Medal in 1978. Nelson also served on ASQ's Awards Board and Shewhart and Deming Medal Committees, and was a long-time member of the Journal of Quality Technology's Editorial Review Board.

Søren Bisgaard Award
Deadline: Papers in Quality Engineering automatically considered

The Statistics Division annually recognizes the paper in the ASQ journal, Quality Engineering (QE), with the “greatest potential for advancing the practice of quality improvement.”

Søren Bisgaard, Isenberg Professor of Management at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, died in Boston on December 14, 2009, after a year-long struggle against mesothelioma. Bisgaard was an expert on quality management and applied statistics who had an international reputation. His was recognized for his work and granted several awards, including the Ellis R. Ott Award (1990), the Wilcoxon Prize (1998), the Shewell Award (1981 and 1987), the Brumbaugh Award (1987, 1995, and 2008), the Shewhart Medal (2002), and the George Box Award (2004). He was a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and American Society for Quality and an academician of the International Academy for Quality. Søren was a strong advocate of quality improvement and was for many years the author of the “Quality Quandaries” column in QE.

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