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Quality Audits in Relation to International Business Strategy - What is our National Posture? – Winter 1989 Youden Address

Abstract: This address discusses the requirements for succeeding in today's global economy: understand international standard concepts such as ISO8402 and ISO9000, view quality management and external quality assurance as competitive tools for a business, gear the business strategy toward the current global developments in quality assurance, and formulate a business strategy to remain competitive with European-style and Asia/Pacific-style quality competition. Audits are the prime mechanism for providing quality assurance, and there are different styles of using quality as a business strategy. In the European Community, auditing systems are based on reciprocal recognition of quality system registrations among participating nations. This strategy results in a systematic business-government partnership with supporting infrastructure. The benefits are that the audits force systematic quality efforts throughout the economies of all nations. This resultsin a competitive advanta! ge when bidding for a contract against suppliers who have not achieved the quality system registration. In order for the U.S. to keep up with the quality strategy of other regions, more cooperation between industry and government is needed. In this sense, it is a national necessity to establish a program to accredit U.S. organizations that can provide third party external quality assurance audits using the ISO9000 series standards.

Keywords: Quality control - Quality assurance

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