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The Man and His Methodology – 1993 Youden Address

Abstract: This Youden Address pays tribute to Jack Youden by summarizing his enormous advancements in experimental design and statistical analysis. His contributions to experimental design include "Youden Squares (BIBDs)", linked block designs and chain block designs, partially replicated Latin Squares, calibration designs, and constrained randomization sequences. When doing statistical analyses, Youden emphasized graphical methods. He developed the index (J) for rating diagnostic tests, the two-sample chart or "Youden Diagram", and the extreme rank sum test for outliers.

Keywords: Youden Address - One-factor-at-a-time - Two-factor-at-a-time - Replication - Youden squares - Linked block designs - Chain block designs - Partially replicated Latin Squares - Calibration designs - Constrained randomization sequences

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