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The View from an Ivory Tower – 2004 Youden Address

Abstract: This Address discusses four topics: 1. Economic trends affecting the quality profession, 2. Changing academic environment, 3. Use of journal article citation rates, 4. Quality profile monitoring. The continued decline in manufacturing jobs in the US and the country’s trade deficit pose a threat to the US economy and the middle class. However, enormous opportunities for improvement in the healthcare business could be a substitute for the manufacturing sector in terms of statistic techniques being applied to reduce the enormous healthcare quality problems. Universities are rapidly adopting a “corporate” management model that requires more and more faculty to generate revenue to fund their research and graduate students. This combined with the federal cuts on education constitutes a danger for the quality of higher education and loss of academic freedom as professors are dependent on companies that fund their projects. A citation count analysis for papers in Technometrics and the Journal of Quality Technology indicates the relative impact of developments in various statistical tools and methods. The analysis also indicates which authors and which journal have had the greatest impact. In statistical process control, many applications assume random sampling when an underlying relationship exists between explanatory variables and a response variable. We should investigate the use of quality profile monitoring in those applications.

Keywords: Statistical Process Control (SPC) - Quality profile monitoring.

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