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Common Practitioner Mistakes in Data Analysis

Abstract: Presentation by Scott Kowalski at the 2005 FTC

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Hello your presentation is very very important when you said the persons how analize data are not statistics,and maybe we made some test, and analize data, but we never do a normality test, we use the Minitab but we only are in focus on P-value, and we do not know how read all the information for example ( confidence interval ).im working as a quality engineer, and the most comun problem taht we have is the we do not know how manipulate the information to our benfit.
--omar camona, 10-23-2009

The content seems interesting.
When I tried to view in Internet Explorer - I got the sound, but not the slide. And the sound pauses quite a bit; and these pauses got worse as the time progressed.
--J??r??me Lang, 06-15-2009
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