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Introducing Technical Reports

Accredited standards developers such as ASQ publish technical reports (TRs) for optional use in conjunction with American National Standards. Often informational or tutorial in nature, TRs offer methods for the application of an American National Standard. 

The first two TRs published by ASQ are now available:

ASQ TR1-2012: Best Quality Practices for Biomedical Research in Drug Development

TR Biomedical Research cover Created by a working group from the ASQ Food, Drug and Cosmetic Division, this report identifies important quality management system elements for non-regulated biomedical research in drug development to ensure credibility of biomedical research results.  



ASQ Z1 TR1- 2012: Guidelines for performing a self-assessment of a quality management system

TR Self Assessment coverThis report is intended to provide users with an alternative to the ISO 9004 self-assessment text and annex, making it easier for small and medium-sized organizations in the U. S. to conduct self-assessments.


What Is the Purpose of Technical Reports?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) undertakes the registration of TRs to encourage their widespread use and acceptance, as well as use of the related American National Standards.

All material contained in a TR that has been registered with ANSI is informational in nature. A TR may include, for example, technical research, tutorials, factual data obtained from a survey carried out among standards developers and/or national bodies, or information on the "state-of–the-art" developments in relation to standards of national or international bodies on a particular subject.

TRs may not to be used as a way to circumvent the regular consensus process for approval of an American National Standard. 

How Do Technical Reports Differ from Standards?

Unlike International Standards and American National Standards, TRs ...

  • Do not necessarily reflect a consensus opinion.
  • Can be published without a public comment period.
  • May contain multiple viewpoints.
  • Can be developed in as little as six to eight weeks, once the writing is complete.
  • Are developed through the ASQ Accredited Standards Committee Z1s or Standards Committees, not U.S. Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs).

Learn more about standards and standards development in Standards 101.

How Are Technical Reports Developed?

Technical reports may be originated from the ANSI standards development process. A TR might be based on an initial working draft for a standard to be developed, or it may present information that was considered for, but not included in, a published standard. TRs can also be developed to address issues related to a different document's application, such as industry-specific needs or unique circumstances faced by different segments of users.

Technical reports are reviewed every three years to assess their ongoing relevance and validity.

Writing teams consist of standards and industry experts who are both ASQ members and non-members.

Contact the ASQ standards team to learn about how you can participate.   

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