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ASQ/ANSI/ISO 19011:2011 - Guidelines for auditing management systems

An American National Standard from ASQ

An American National Standard (ANS) is the equivalent of an international standard that has been adopted within the United States. Although an ANS version may make no changes to an accepted international standard, there may be advantages to selecting the ANS.

Key facts about ASQ/ANSI/ISO 19011:2011 - Guidelines for auditing management systems, the ANS on auditing:

  • An identical adoption of the international standard -- when you order ASQ/ANS/ISO 19011:2011, you are getting ISO 19011:2011 
  • Choose the print format or an e-version
  • Discounted pricing for ASQ members

About ISO 19011

If your organization conducts internal or external audits of management systems, or if you manage an audit program, then ISO 19011 and the ANS version apply to you.

This standard provides guidance on auditing management systems, with details on the following topics:

  • Principles of auditing
  • Managing an audit program
  • Conducting management system audits

You'll also find guidance on evaluating the competence of individuals involved in the audit process, including the person managing the audit program, auditors, and audit teams.

What Makes the American National Standard Unique? 

ASQ members are eligible to receive a member discount on the ANS version of ISO 19011.

The pricing of the ISO 19011 international standard is fixed at $163.00. However, ASQ members receive special member pricing when purchasing the ANS.

The content of ISO 19011:2011 remains intact in the ANS version, which is considered to be an identical adoption. The only change you will find in the ANS is the addition of a Foreword that includes discussion of the U.S. position on ISO 19011:2011. 

ASQ, ISO 19011, and You

ASQ administers a number of Technical Advisory Groups and subcommittees that are responsible for developing the U.S. position on several popular ISO standards. In its standards development work, ASQ is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Project teams are now forming to write three new consensus documents offering supplemental guidance for specific uses of ISO 19011. Team members with experience in the following areas are needed:   

  • Small business
  • Supply chain
  • Internal auditing 
Learn more about how you can participate in an ANSI-accredited subcommittee.


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