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US SC7 Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Meeting Report

Piscataway, NJ (March 13-15, 2007)

This report covers the US SC7 Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meeting in Piscataway, NJ (March 13-15, 2007), hosted by the IEEE Computer Society at the IEEE Service Center.

TAG Officer Issues and Membership Update

Bob Pritchard, TAG Administrator, announced that, with Mike Gayle stepping down as Chair, Paul Croll had been officially elected as the new TAG Chair.  Bob also noted that this would be his last meeting as TAG Administrator since IEEE is taking TAG support in-house.  Bob introduced Ms. Malia Kaman who will be the new TAG Administrator from the IEEE.

There were 4 applications for new membership: International Business Software Managers Association (IBSMA), Keane Federal Systems, Northrop-Grumman Corporation, and The Westfall Team.

Meeting Schedules

TAG Meeting #57 will be held September 18-20 at the Lockheed-Martin facility in Deer Creek, CO (Littleton, CO) with Annette Reilly as our hosting TAG member.

In 2008, Meeting: #58 will be held  March 25-27 at NIST in Bethesda, MD with Mary Theofanos as our hosting TAG member.  Meeting #59 will be held September 16-18 at the Institute for Defense Analysis in Alexandria, VA with Karen Richter as our hosting TAG member.

Internationally, the next SC7 Plenary is May 19-25 in Moscow, Russia.  This will be followed by several Interim meetings in the fall with the largest being Oct. 29-Nov 2 in Montreal, Canada where most of the international Working Groups will meet together.  There are plans in the works for two other Interims in October:  WG6 (covers the software product quality characteristics and evaluation series of standards) in Pittsburgh, PA; WG2 (user documentation) from Oct. 9-11 in Cleveland, OH.  Then, the 2008 Plenary will be held in Berlin Germany, probably May 19-23, though the dates are, at the moment, tentative, and this may be held a week later.

Chair Report

Paul Croll delivered Mike Gayle’s final Chair Report, which, among other items, emphasized that need (especially for new TAG members) to make sure they respond to ballots and understand US positions when they attend international meetings as US delegates.

The TAG is also looking for US participation in  WG4 (tools), WG21 (asset management), WG23 (interpretation of ISO 9001 applied to systems), WG24 (lifecycle processes for small enterprises) and WG42 (architecture).

There were Resolutions of Appreciation to Bob Pritchard for his long-standing and distinguished support of the US SC7 TAG, to Jim Moore and the IEEE-CS for hosting of the meeting, and to Scott Duncan for his work as 2nd Vice-Chair in arranging meetings as well as recent support as acting TAG Secretary.

Tag actions on Task Group (TG) Results for the Meeting

TG2 - User Documentation
Approved FCD 25614 (for designers/developers of user documentation)
Approved NP for proposed 26513 (testing and assessment of user documentation)
Approved invitation for WG2 meeting on Cleveland, OH, Oct. 9-11, 2007 (must still notrify ANSI in time, however)

TG22 - Consolidated Vocabulary
Bob Prictahrd announced that Annette Reilly had been approved as new WG22 Convenor
ISO 24765 (the collection of terms from IEEE S2ESC and SC7) is nearly done (final editing on a few terms needed) with new co-editors being Edward VanArsdall (US) and Jean-Marc Desharnais (Canada)
Web application to host the vocabulary is nearly ready (current “public” site is
Work on refining terms will begin after Moscow Plenary as what exists is just the collection of all documented definitions and there are multiple definitions for many of the terms.
The Working Group will be requesting addition of some 25 terms from the SEI CMMI glossary.
PMI terms have been included without editorial change as per agreement with PMI.

TG10 - Process Assessment
Approved letter objecting to, and requesting cancellation of, 15504-7 ballot due to the document’s incompleteness, but the TAG also approved the comments and disapproval of 15504-7 (if requested cancellation is rejected)

TG6 - Product Qualoity Characteristics, Measurement and Metrics
Regula rballots will be conducted on the following documents since not all positions were ready by the end of the meeting:
ISO 25012 – Data Quality Model (3rd CD ballot) due May 6
ISO 25040 – Evaluation reference model and guide (1st CD ballot issued) due Apr 28
ISO 25010 – Quality model (develop comments on current draft)
US wants to host WG6 interim meeting in October – need to get this request in to ANSI
New TG J1 formed to mirror international JWG1 on Common Industry Format standards for usability.

TG7 - Life Cycle Management
US intends to approve FDIS 15939 (Measurement Process revision) expected to start in April (though acknowledged by ITTF in January) assuming no inadvertent changes coming out of ITTF processing
Approved 15288 on system life cycle processes (with comments)
Approved 12207 on software life cycle processes (with comments)
Previously had approved DTR 24774 on process definition (no comments)
Approve 24748 on life cycle management (with comments)
Approve 16326 on project management (with comments)
At the Moscow Plenary the international Working Group will need to consider various (including IEEE) 15026 proposals, look at the scope for NWIP on testing (a joint proposal from IEEE and BSI), and participate in Requirements Engineering standard planning.

TG12 - Functional Size Measurement
WG 12 is scheduled to be dissolved at the Plenary in Moscow, so this TG was dissolved at the TAG level.

TG25 - IT Service Management
Approval of created mission statement for TG 25.
Discussed 20000 Parts 1 & 2 relative to the need to address original fast-track comments
Approved a vote against fast-track of AS 8015 with comments,  but to propose that Australia contribute AS 8015 for possible new work (e.g., a TR on (IT) governance).

TG42 - Architecture
General organization of WG42 into 3 subgroups:  Architecture Frameworks, Evaluation of Architectures, Architectural Life-Cycle
No documents at this time, however, to take any positions on.

Ad Hoc Task Group (covers subjects for which the US does not, yet, have active international involvement)
Covered material on WG4 (Tools), SW Testing, WG20 (Certification of SW Engineers), WG23 (applying ISO 9001 to systems lifecycle processes) and WG21 on Asset Management.
US JTC1 TAG concern over SC7 getting into “management system standards” and “organizational certification schemes”
Annette Riley was appointed as Head of Delegation for the US on a continuing basis.
Approved CD 18018 (configuration management tool requirements) (with a comment)
Approved WD/CD Registration 24766 (requirements engineering tool requirements) (no comment)
Approved FCD 14102.2 (CASE tool evaluation and selection guidelines) (no comment)
Approved DTR 24783 (CASE tool adoption guidelines) (no comment)
Approved position of “Revise” on ISO/IEC 90003
Approved creation of TG on testing with Theresa Hunt as TG Lead and approved US affirmative response to NWIP on testing – both of these anticipate formation of an international Working Group on testing standards.

IEEE Liaison
New coordination efforts between IEEE and SC7 include:
Adoption of ISO/IEC 15289 to replace IEEE 12207.1;
Adoption of ISO/IEC 20000-1 and 20000-2 to provide a shared basis for work on IT Services and Management;
Consider adoption (possibly with exceptions) of ISO/IEC 25051, COTS Product Quality;
New SC7 testing standards effort with BSI and IEEE contributing two standards each resulting in a new 4-part international standard on software testing;
IEEE alternate proposal on ISO 15026 (Software and systems assurance).

TAG Administrator Issues
TAG moved that its prior abstention on vote on INCITS vote for DTR 14471 be changed to “affirmative.”
TAG agreed with new Procedures for TAGs administered by IEEE.
We need decisions on JTC1 scope proposal and Australian standard fast-track (Jim Moore will prepare these).
Bob Pritchard noted some issues regarding international meeting participation including:
Attendance at TAG meeting just prior to such international meetings [no change was proposed or accepted by the TAG on current practice of briefing such individuals]
Concern for individuals from the US participating where the US has no firm position [re-emphasized need, especially new members, to understand role as a US delegate, not company representative, at international meetings]
SC7’s published list of US delegates not being consistent with TAG approved list of delegates (due to nationality being reported, not representation since some US residents come as representatives of liaison organizations or other countries) [will clarify representation issues and send information to Moscow Plenary organizers]

Special Award to Bob Pritchard
For his many years (20+) of service to the US SC7 TAG as its IEEE Administrator, Bob Pritchard was awarded a plaque with a certificate of recognition signed by all the meeting attendees.

New Members

Acceptance of Keane Federal Systems as a member of the TAG (since its representative, Susan Burgess, has been a continuing representative from other companies for many years).
IBSMA, Northrop-Grumman, and The Westfall Team could be voted in at the next meeting as long as representatives attend from each one.

New Business
The TAG needs a new 1st Vice Chair now that Paul Croll has been elected Chair.  Annette Reilly volunteered and was elected, requiring a default ballot to the TAG.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held Lockheed-Martin Deer Creek, Colorado facility (12999 Deer Creek Canyon Rd, Littleton, CO  80127) on Sept. 18-20, 2007.

Those interested in any of the topics mentioned above, or other standards-related issues, can send email to
Scott Duncan, the Software Division Standards Chair, at

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