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Greetings and Happy New Year!  Yes, after 10 years of planning our annual conference, I have moved positions from Vice-Chair Programs to Standards Chair, leaving the Programs committee in the very capable hands of Stuart Yarost.  This report addresses the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) SC7 meeting held September 18-20, 2007 and future planned meeting dates/locations.

TAG Meeting # 57 Littleton, CO (September 18-20, 2007)

US TAG SC7 meeting number 57 was graciously hosted by Annette Reilly at the Lockheed-Martin Deer Creek facility.  The Task Groups (TGs) attending included 2, 6, 7, 22, 25, and 42.  A summary from these working groups follows:

The Tag Administrator reminded all members of the importance of attending all TAG meetings and responding to all letter ballots.  Without the minimum number of votes, the U.S. is not allowed to vote on ISO JTC1 SC7 ballots.

Task Group #2 - System Software Documentation

  • Currently, there are no open ballots
  • Reviewed three WD to determine the US positions and prepared informal comments on the following:
    • WD 26512 Acquisition/Supply of User Documentation (first iteration)
    • WD 26511 Management of User Documentation
    • WD 26513 Test and Assessment of User Documentation

Task Group # 6 – Measurement and Metrics

  • Reviewed documents and recommended positions on the SQUARE series ballots
  • Reviewed 25010 – Quality Model - Team reviewed comments on the 25010 and a motion was to disapprove 25010 with comments – unanimously passed
  • Discussed 25012 – Data Quality Model (comments on draft for FCD)
  • Discussed 25021 – Quality measure elements (Plan for revision)
  • Discussed 25022 - 24 – Measures for Internal Quality (production of 1st draft)
  • Discussed 25040 – Evaluation reference model and guide
  • Discussed Evaluation module for recoverability – Review  NWI ballot results
  • Nominated delegates to Pittsburgh Interim Meeting

Task Group #7 - Life Cycle Management

  • Harmonization Related Tasks:
    • Reviewed FDIS status for 15288 – System Life Cycle Processes
    • Reviewed FDIS status for 12207 – SW Life Cycle Processes
  • Reviewed US position/comments for PDTR of 24748 – Guide for Life Cycle Management.  24748 is intended to accompany 12207 and 15288 however use of the word “tailoring” is not consistent with 12207 and 15288 (The team from 15288 and 12207’s editors should work with the author of the 24748).  The USNB recommendation is to disapprove 24748 with comments and request a PDTR2 since this document is not yet mature.  Check for cognates (use of word tailoring and its cognates)
  • Reviewed US position/comments for CD of 16326 Software Engineering – Life Cycle Processes – Project Management Process.  Consolidated comments and established recommended USNB position for review and approval.  FCD16326 applies to common project processes in 12207 and 15288 and is the result of harmonization of ISO/IEC 16326 and IEEE Std 1058 – CD ballot closed October 7, 2007 – the USNB position was to approve with comments and recommend WG2 review and submission of informed comments.  At this time alignment with PMI work cannot be answered since this effort was already underway.
  • Reviewed US position/comments submitted for CD of 15026 – System Software Assurance - The recommendation is to approve the CD registration but disapprove the CD ballot with comments and request a CD2.
  • Proposed that WG7 establish study to investigate the possibility of revising, supplementing or extending ISO IEC 9003 – Need to add representatives of WG23
    • A recommendation was made that there be a study group for 90003 - Motion was passed unanimously
    • A Motion that the US submit a document for 90003 study group as a contribution - Motion was passed unanimously

Task Group #22 – Software & Systems Consolidated Vocabulary                              

  • Reviewed comments regarding TAG ballot for SC7N3786, CD24765, Systems and Software Engineering Vocabulary
  • Continued editing of online SEVOCAB -
  • Discussed processes for vocabulary harmonization
  • Discussed maintenance of database standards
  • Discussed WG22 working in concert with WG7 to form a study group to work on vocabulary

Task Group 25 – IT Service Management

  • Reviewed BS 15000 Part 1 & 2 revisions
  • Reviewed Part III WD
  • Established a study group to revise ISO 90003 to cover the full scope of SC7
    • IT operation not adequately covered by 90003
    • Harmonization has identified some discrepancies
    • 90003 only covers a subset of SC7

Bill Powell will provide a copy of “Overview of SC7 collaboration” as a US contribution.

Task Group 42 – System Architecture

  • Reviewed status of first draft of 42010 revision
  • Review open topics, determine US participation/contributions

Ad Hoc Task Group (covers subjects for which the US does not, yet, have active international involvement)

  • FCD 24773 Software Engineering - Certification of Software Engineering Professionals - Comparison Framework – Recommendation to approve with no comments - motion passed unanimously

IEEE Liaison

  • Review of IEEE 2006 successes – 5 products were produced
  • New projects underway:
    • Adopt ISO/IEC 15289 to replace IEEE 12207.1.
    • Adopt ISO/IEC 20000-1 and 20000-2 to provide a shared basis for work on IT Services and Management.
    • Possible adoption of: ISO/IEC 25051, COTS Product Quality – product was flawed and should not be adopted.
  • IEEE CS is hosting the database application -
  • New project revision of 15026 (Software and systems assurance)
  • BSI and IEEE contributed to four part standard that will be created at the international level on software testing (WG26)
  • Discussion of overall state of harmonization – much improved between 1995 and today

PMI Liason

  • PMI Standards Program Overview
  • Review of PMI Standards Background
  • Portfolio of Standards
  • Lifecycle of Standards
  • International Standards Representation
  • Fourteen PMI Global Standards

Head of Delegation for new WG26 (Testing)

  • Recommendation for Theresa Hunt as Head of Delegation (HOD) and for Gary Roedler, Susan Burgess and Jim Moore as delegates - motions unanimously approved

Meeting Schedule
The current 2008 TAG meeting schedule is as follows:

  • March 25-27 - TAG Meeting #58 will be held at NIST in Bethesda, MD with Mary Theofanos as our hosting TAG member. 
  • May 19-23 - International SC7 Plenary will be held in Berlin, Germany and will be hosted by DIN. German Institute for Standardization. 
  • September 16-18 - TAG Meeting #59 will be held at the Institute for Defense Analysis in Alexandria, VA with Karen Richter as our hosting TAG member.

Upcoming International Meetings:

  • SC7 Plenary May 19-23, 2008, Berlin, Germany (dates tentative)
  • Interim (dates to be determined) International  - China
  • SC7 Plenary, (dates to be determined) India

Those interested in any of the topics mentioned above, or other standards-related issues, can send email to Theresa Hunt, the Software Division Standards Chair, at or


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