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What is the Standards Committee?

The Standards Committee of the Software Division exists so the membership can

  • stay current with regard to the status of key standards,
  • locate standards body websites easily,
  • locate information about publications with standards-related material,
  • read the opinions of others with regard to standards and standards activities, and
  • voice their own opinions on standards in general or on specific standards with which they have experience.

The committee focuses on CSQE Body of Knowledge topics related to standards and standards development.

Committee Activities

The committee's work involves

  • Developing an annotated bibliography on software standards and standards-related topics, especially those related to the Body of Knowledge;
  • Authoring/reviewing articles on software standards topics and disseminating these through the newsletter and via the web;
  • Providing opportunities for tutorials and training about standards and their development;
  • Participating on the US TAG (Tech'l Advisory Group) for ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 which is concerned with developing/reviewing international standards on software engineering, lifecycle, process, and quality topics;
  • Working cooperatively with the IEEE Software Engineering Standards Committee on software quality-related standards;
  • Responding to questions from the membership on software standards.

We would like to hear from you if you have suggestions, have additional topics to focus on, have an interest in joining the committee, or have questions concerning software standards or the division. Provide feedback online or email Theresa Hunt, the Committee Chair.

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