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Third Quarter 2007

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Chair Message: Get Out of the Office - David Walker
You’ve had your summer vacation. But, have you been out to network with other software quality professionals lately?

Most of us continue to struggle with budget cuts and travel restrictions. However, I urge you to make a special effort to get out of the office and take advantage of the conference opportunity we have prepared for you this year in Denver.

The 2007 International Conference on Software Quality (ICSQ) will be held October 16-17 in Denver, Colorado, with tutorials on October 15 and post conference classes on October 18-20. Click here for details about ICSQ: An exceptional team of Software Division volunteers has worked hard over the last year to prepare an excellent program for you.

You may need to sell this conference to your management. As you browse the program, I’m sure you will find topics that relate directly to your work. Don’t forget the value of networking with other software quality professionals. A number of networking opportunities are planned. Negotiate, plead, beg if you have to…… but be there!

I will be presenting the ASQ Software Division business update on the evening of October 15 and I’m very much looking forward to meeting you and talking about your needs as a software professional and how the society and division can better serve you.

Computer Science Education: Fitting Software Quality into the Curriculum - Trudy Howles
The document Computing Curricula 2001 is the current guideline for many undergraduate Computer Science programs. This document, co-authored by the IEEE Computer Society and the Association of Computing Machinery, details the suggested curriculum for undergraduate computer science majors. However, the document focuses on education and not on software development practices. Many computer science graduates are hired into software development jobs. How can computer science educators identify and close the gaps?

This paper discusses the innovative courses and initiatives to infuse software quality practices into the computer science education program at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. It provides a model for other educators to help foster knowledge and growth in this important area. Read more…

Teaching Software Quality Assurance in an Undergraduate Software Engineering Program - Claude Y. Laporte, Alain April, and Khaled Bencherif, École de Technologie Supérieure
Computers are used to control machinery, industrial processes (often replacing human operators), and many business processes. Unfortunately, software quality assurance is often the poor relation in many organizations. Most developers are not aware of the high cost of inferior quality. At the École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) in Montréal, Canada, software quality assurance is taught in the lecture format within the software engineering undergraduate curriculum. This curriculum is based on the Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK). The course stresses the concept of the cost of quality to convince students of the importance of putting in place adequate prevention and appraisal practices in order to reduce software project failures. The lectures cover a wide spectrum of quality assurance techniques and tools. In addition to weekly three-hour lectures, the course includes a project in which students have an opportunity to measure the cost of quality and work with industrial software quality assurance techniques and tools. Universities need to emphasize quality in their programs, but many of them do not. Universities from which practitioners hire could model a software quality course after this one. Read more…

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International Conference on Software Quality 2007 (ICSQ’07)
Visit our web site at for the latest details.

Software Quality Event

World Congress for Software Quality (WCSQ) Presenter Nominations – Taz Daughtrey
The World Congress for Software Quality (WCSQ), a major international gathering of software quality professionals begun in 1995, has scheduled its fourth conference for 15-18 September 2008, in Bethesda, Maryland (Washington, D.C. area). WCSQ has been a partnership of the Software Division of the American Society for Quality, the Software Group of the European Organization for Quality, and the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers.

"World Challenges for Software Quality" is a proposed framework for concerted action to be launched at WCSQ 2008. We are seeking to build a worldwide network of collaborating professionals, specifically directed at a three-year initiative to enhance the reliability,security, and empowering value of software-based systems… to be reported on at the next major WCSQ event in 2011.

I would urge you to identify those who are exceptional at your upcoming event. Click here for instructions, contract information and nomination form.

Software Division Webinar Report – The Secrets of CMMI for Small Companies Presented by: Jeff Dalton – Robin L. Dudash
The fourth ASQ Software Division Webinar, “CMMI for Small Companies” was conducted on Friday, June 15, from noon to 1pm, eastern standard time. Jeff Dalton, an ASQ Software Division member who is an SEI Partner, a SCAMPI Lead Appraiser, and a CMMI Instructor, presented a simpler approach for smaller companies. Concepts that he presented are soon to be released in his new book “Agile CMMI” on Auerback Publications. Jeff’s presentation was e-mailed after the June 1 conference to everyone who was signed up. The file can still be downloaded from the ASQ Software Division website.
Read more…

5th Annual Software Process Symposium – 10% Off Registration

5th Annual Software Process Symposium

Full-Day Tutorials - Monday, October 29, 2007
Conference - Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Edison, New Jersey

For more information regarding Tutorials, Keynotes and Presentations
Be sure to click on the link specifically for ASQ members or you can click here to register and receive your 10% discount.

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference, Nov. 7-8, 2007
Once again the Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference in Grand Rapid, Michigan promises world-class keynotes, hands-on tutorials, and practical presentations that address real issues in software development. Software developers, managers and testers will find an opportunity to learn, grow, and network with other professionals at an affordable price.
For flier or for more information…

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Announcing the Publication of Fundamental Concepts for the Software Quality Engineer, Volume 2, Sue Carroll and Taz Daughtrey, Editors
This volume provides selected articles gathered from the last five volumes of Software Quality Professional (SQP), a peer-reviewed quarterly publication applying quality principles to the development and use of software and software-based systems. This collection of articles provides you with insights from authors around the globe -- which is vital in today's global economy. As with SQP and this series' first volume, this book follows the categories of the ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer Body of Knowledge. The articles are each related to one of the seven knowledge areas and provided in numbers proportional to the relative weights assigned to each category in the certification exam.

Software engineers should use this book to broaden their knowledge in several important aspects of software quality. The field keeps growing and expanding to meet the changing needs of technology; the insights presented in this book can help you meet the challenge and begin your journey. To order this book.

Probabilistic Technology – David Peercy
A rather new ASQ Probabilistic Technology Community (PTC) has been formed and will have their first Technical Executive Committee (TEC) meeting September 18-20, 2007 in Huntsville, Alabama. I am chair of the System Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability, Logistics (RMSL) Committee – that has a focus on the application of PT to systems, hardware, and software. Lt General Ross Thompson and NASA Chief of Safety and Mission Assurance Bryan D. O'Connor head up the PTC Executive Board. If you are interested in process control, probabilistic applications, how any of this might apply to software – this meeting might be a good one to attend. If you would like specific information on this meeting, please send an e-mail request to

There is no registration fee to attend this meeting. Send an email indicating your intent to attend to:

Meeting Theme: Enabling Probabilistic Techniques for Engineering Systems

For more info on the ASQ PTC

SQP Journal Articles – Sue Carroll
Software Quality Professional (SQP) Journal is an ASQ journal supported by the ASQ Software Division. In each quarterly issue there is an article that is available to non-subscribers. We’ll include the abstract and a pointer to that article in each quarterly division newsletter. You can find this quarter’s article, Teaching Software Quality Assurance in an Undergraduate Software Engineering Program, by Claude Y. Laporte, Alain April, and Khaled Bencherif in the articles and news section of this newsletter. If you would like to write an article for the journal – see the author guidelines. If you would like to volunteer to review articles or books, or write a letter to the editor contact Sue Carroll.

ASQ Software Engineering Training Course
ASQ announces the public offerings of its popular Software Engineering course. Students earn CEUs and ASQ RUs by attending these courses. Click on the ASQ website links below for more information or to register for these courses:

In addition to these public courses, ASQ can bring these and other Software Engineering, Software Quality and Software Project Management course on-site to your organization. For a complete course list …

World Conference Audio Recordings Available – Valis Houston
Were you unable to attend the World Conference this year? Did you miss a session or want to hear a presentation again? Audio recordings of many of the sessions are available for purchase at. The purchase price for all recorded sessions is $169. The individual sessions are $14 on CD or $12 for a download.

To contact ASQ staff, call: 414-272-8575, or toll-free 800-248-1946 (USA and Canada), 001-800-514-1564 (Mexico).

Calling All Teams – Valis Houston
Showcase your organization’s best practices and get the recognition you and your team deserve by entering ASQ’s International Team Excellence Award competition. Team entries are being accepted now for the preliminary round of the award process. The deadline to submit your entry is Sept. 3, 2007.

Next Newsletter Deadline – 10/5/2007
If you would like to submit an article, including shorter “tips and techniques” submissions, have information or events that you would like to see posted or anything else you would like to contribute to the Software Division Newsletter that you think might be of interest to our members, please send your submissions to Linda Westfall.

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Congratulations to ASQ’s Latest CSQEs who passed their CSQE exam:

  • Abella, Eugenia S.
  • Adams, Heather A.
  • Adams, Ricky L,
  • Adams, Sharon Y,
  • Adams, Wesley
  • Addie, Benjamin A.
  • Adrien, Cynthia
  • Agrawal, Mahavir S.
  • Ali, Asad
  • Allen, Thomas N.
  • Allgood, Craig A.
  • Ansari, Azhar Ullah
  • Arent, Owen
  • Baker, Gregory D.
  • Bali, Reema
  • Barnes, Melinda
  • Barry, James B.
  • Bham, Saba Zeeshan
  • Bisbee, Scott A.
  • Boggs, Mark
  • Bonanomi, Douglas
  • Boswell, Robert J.
  • Brady, Stephen
  • Bronson, Brian D.
  • Brown, Larry
  • Buelt, Carey D.
  • Burns, Kenneth W.G.
  • Butler, Bruce
  • Calvo, Zelenia
  • Campanelli, Daniel
  • Carvajal, Dilania
  • Chandragouda, Dyaman
  • Chen, Yaling
  • Chengalasetty, Pandurangarao
  • Chinke, April
  • Chua, Meng-Koon
  • Cole, James E.
  • Collins, Jimmy R.
  • Conley, Kathy
  • Crosson, Peter J.
  • Culver, Mark
  • Dasari, Rama M.
  • Desire, Jean
  • Diller, Lisa
  • Doran, Kenneth John
  • Doty, Kathy A.
  • Dozier, Susan J.
  • Ellis, Raymond James
  • Fairley, Francis
  • Fair-Wright, Carla

  • Faraz, Ahmar
  • Fernandez, Fabricio
  • Finnegan, Brian
  • Fletcher, Michael H.
  • From, John J.
  • Gandarillas, Aurelio
  • Gardner, Donna
  • Gauger, John J.
  • Ghazizadeh, Jelveh
  • Gleason, Robert G.
  • Godbout, Benoit
  • Gonzalez, Bill
  • Green, Charles V.
  • Gummadi, Murthy G.
  • Gumpeni, Deepa
  • Gunaratne, Srinath P.
  • Gutierrez, William
  • Ha, Soojin
  • Higgs, Gary L.
  • Hill, Ellen M.
  • Hilton, Lorraine B.
  • Hotalen, Barb
  • Hucke, Ronald
  • Hunter, Jim
  • Jobson, Elizabeth
  • Jones, Tina H.
  • Keepudi, Ravikumar
  • Kittur, Arathi Shankar
  • Knights, Dorothy M.
  • Kogan, Ilia Z.
  • Krishnan, Geetha
  • Kumar, Raj
  • Larionov, Alexei V.
  • Lee, Sang-Yeob
  • Levin, Yevgeniy
  • Lim, Ahyoung
  • Lim, Hyojung
  • Lim, Jaehoon
  • Liu, Tsengchun K.
  • Long, Clifford
  • Long, Stephen
  • Lopez-Barranco Muniz, Jaime
  • Louie, Gary S.
  • Lowery, Robert L.
  • Mahajan, Hitesh
  • Manges, Matthew T.
  • Manglona, Efrain
  • Manies, Brenda S.
  • Marlais, Susan
  • Martin, Isaiah
  • Mathew, Justin
  • Matthews, Charles Robert
  • Maula, Ruhul Amin
  • Mckenna, John R.
  • McLean, James F.
  • Meanor, Stephen V.
  • Medeiros, Manuel J.
  • Mello, Joseph
  • Millet, Sebius
  • Monge, Daniel
  • Munir, Saima
  • Murray, Byron G.
  • Nance, Donald R.
  • Nelson, Margaret J.
  • Noh, Hyunhee
  • O'Leary, Deirdre E.
  • Park, Hyunsook
  • Pascual, Mark Q.
  • Platz, Steven J.
  • Prasad, Samuel
  • Ramachandran, Ravi
  • Ramirez, Wilberth
  • Rao, Karuna R.
  • Ravilisetty, Rajani Kumari
  • Reynolds, James L.
  • Rodriguez, Marielos
  • Roos, Robert C.
  • Rosario, Dennis
  • Rungsimakan, Duangjai
  • Saenz, Ester
  • Sakthivel, Madhusudhanan
  • Samy, Mihan Mahmoud
  • Sapp, Justin D.
  • Schneider, Shanon
  • Scotka, A. J.
  • Sealy, Vernol S.
  • Sebo, Seletha
  • Senapati, Nihar Ranjan
  • Serafin, Todd
  • Sethuram, Arvind
  • Shea, James R.
  • Shin, Soyeong
  • Sivillo, Jason R.
  • Smith, Brietta C.
  • Sohail, Kashif
  • Stephens, Shauna
  • Stinson, Guy Michael
  • Sullivan, William E.
  • Testa, Gregory A.
  • Thanu Achary, Nagarajan
  • Theeke, Patrick
  • Timbol, Archie S.
  • Townsend, Walter A.
  • Trull, Anthony David
  • Trzcinski, Timothy R.
  • Violante, John
  • Viswanathan, Srirekha
  • Watson, Judith B.
  • Weizel, Seth M.
  • West, Janet
  • Wije, Suran
  • Williams, Jim R.
  • Young, Brian
  • Zhu, Rongcheng
  • Zuendel, Andy J.

CSQE Practice Quiz – Theresa Hunt
Want to practice for the ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) exam or just test your knowledge of software quality engineering? Try this practice quiz. Take the CSQE 2Q2007 Practice Quiz…

Recruiting CSQE Volunteers – Kathy Harris
One good way to earn 2 RUs and have fun while doing it is to participate in an exam development workshop! Over the next twelve months, we will hold a number of CSQE workshops to support updating the Body of Knowledge. If you’d like to get involved, please contact Brenda Richardson; she will be happy to provide you with more information.

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Aerospace Corner: Acceptance Sampling Inspection by Attributes – W.L. “Bill” Trest
Modern quality systems and processes for software development have procedures in place when quantitative methods of product and process quality management are expected.

Sampling is one type of quality management activity used to gauge the acceptability of a quantity of product or process executions (events), based upon the results of inspection of one or more samples, rather than 100 percent inspection. Read more…

Report from the Recent FAA Conference – Michael P. Kress
Over 300 DER’s, software and systems engineers, software quality engineers and managers, FAA members from ACO’s across the country, members of academia and consultants met in New Orleans on July 24-26, 2007 to learn the directions the FAA is taking, discuss the latest FAA Advisory Circulars, Order 8110.49 and a new Interim Order that will collect the latest issue papers on contemporary matters of concern to the aviation industry. Read more…

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IEEE Software and Systems Standards Committee (S2ESC) Meeting Report – Scott Duncan
The IEEE Software and Systems Engineering Standards Committee (S2ESC - Executive Committee and Management Board) meeting was held July 17–19 at the Sheraton Yankee Clipper Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Read more…

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The following links will provide you with a snapshot of the latest activities in the regions.

Region 1 New England - Peter Schulz

Read the complete Region 1 Report for 3Q2007…

Region 2 Northern & Central New York – Gary Leskiw

  • ASQ Software Quality Information Technology (SQITG) is currently planning its 2007-2008 joint program with the Western New York Informational Professionals (WNYSIP).
  • We are presenting one software track (a full day workshop) as part of the eight-track Annual Conference held by ASQ section 201 Buffalo, NY on September 14, 2007. For more information or to register see

Read the complete Region 2 Report for 3Q2007…

Region 4 Canada – Chris Fitz Gibbon

Information Systems Audit and Control Association’s (ISACA) Ottawa Valley Chapter. The Canadian version of the ISACA training week will be held in Montreal from October 15 – 19, 2007. Additional information is available by following the link under Education and Conferences on the ISACA website.

Read the complete Region 4 Report for 3Q2007…

Region 5 Mid-Atlantic – Joel Glazer

Region 6 Pacific Northwest – Tom Gilchrist

Read the complete Region 6 Report for 3Q2007…

Region 10 Michigan, Northeast Indiana & Northwest Ohio – Louise Tamres

Read the complete Region 10 Report for 3Q2007…

Region 14 Southwest & Mexico – David Peercy

Read the complete Region 14 Report for 3Q2007…

Region 15 South Eastern US – Mark Neal

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