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Integrating SR With Business Strategy: A Guide for Quality Professionals

SR Integration Guide CoverThis guide introduces a step-by-step approach for applying quality skills to the social responsibility (SR) needs of organizations. It defines integrated SR, provides talking points and case studies, and maps out a process for using quality to integrate SR into organizational strategy and daily operations.

Read the flipbook version, or download a PDF. 

Social Responsibility and Performance Excellence

JQP volume 37 issue 1 coverIn the April 2014 Journal for Quality and Participation, Kay Kendall explores how the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence provide a widely accepted perspective on addressing societal responsibility.

Read the open-access article and browse more content from this issue on the importance of integrating social responsibility with performance excellence.  

Pathways to Social Responsibility: Successful Practices for Sustaining the Future

Pathways to Social Responsibility 2014The 2014 issue of Pathways to Social Responsibility focuses on social responsibility (SR) integration and includes organizational profiles, a sneak peek at ASQ’s SR Integration Guide, an update on the SR Body of Knowledge Project, and more.

Read previous issues of Pathways:

  • 2013: Profiles include GE Healthcare, The Ritz-Carlton, Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority, and more
  • 2012: Featured organizations include Campbell Soup Company, Ford Motor Co., Henry Ford Health System
  • 2011: Case studies include Alcoa, Kohler, UnitedHealth Group, Tata Group, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 2010: Organizations profiled include Abbott, Berea College, Boeing, Cisco, IBM, McDonald's 
  • 2009 (inaugural issue): Case studies include MillerCoors, Johnson Controls, Baxter, Intel    

Quality and Social Responsibility: A Key Business Strategy for Enhancing Competitive Position

Quality and SR: Key Business Strategy coverThis report presents the findings of research ASQ and IBM conducted on corporate social responsibility programs. Learn about the approaches that worldwide organizations use to initiate and maintain social responsibility programs and how quality techniques can improve these efforts. 

CSR and Quality: A Powerful and Untapped Connection

CSR and QualityAn executive brief from BSR and ASQ (PDF) explores the intersection of quality and corporate social responsibility (CSR), detailing shared concepts and core values and suggesting next steps for both the quality community and social responsibility leaders.



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