Social Responsibility and Quality

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The definition of SR from the ISO 26000 guideline standards states:

“The responsibility of an organization for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment through transparent and ethical behavior that contributes to sustainable development, including health and the welfare of society; takes into account the expectations of stakeholders; is in compliance with applicable law and consistent with international norms of behavior; and is in compliance with applicable law and consistent with international norms of behavior; and is integrated throughout the organization and practiced in its relationships.” (International Standard ISO/DIS 26000: Guidance on social responsibility. Page 3)

How ASQ is Involved

ASQ was awarded the administration of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Social Responsibility by the American National Standards Institute. The U.S. TAG is the U.S. member of an international working group chartered with developing an International Standard on Social Responsibility. ASQ’s involvement is a direct extension of its existing leadership role in standards development.

Social responsibility is in direct alignment with aspects of ASQ’s long-term objective to serve as stewards of the quality movement by ensuring that ASQ activities provide increased value to society and our members.

ASQ’s Commitment to SR

ASQ’s mission is “to increase the use and impact of quality in response to the diverse needs of the world.” Increasingly, accountability and social responsibility are the expectation of consumers around the globe. The results of ASQ’s 2011 Future Study illustrates that the importance of social responsibility is well understood by executives across sectors. To help meet the emerging needs for a sophisticated SR approach, ASQ is committed to delivering the following:

  • Providing a contemporary view and understanding of quality
  • Identifying new career paths for quality professionals
  • Providing methodology to enhance SR professionals’ efforts
  • Growing the community of quality stakeholders through SR practitioners.

Help Communicate the Value of SR

To provide tools for increasing SR awareness, ASQ subject matter experts created a communication kit consisting of a recorded Webinar, presentation slides with detailed speaker notes, a bibliography of resources, and more. Anyone can use the kit to host a meeting or hold a discussion focused on the value of SR and making a clear, beneficial connection between quality and SR.

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