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Force Field Analysis

Abstract: This template can be used during the DMAIC Improve phase to assess the forces helping or hindering the implementation of an improvement solution.

Keywords: Tools and Templates; Quality Tool; Force Field Analysis; DMAIC; Improve Phase

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The tool is good for prioritizing the critical elements in driving change in an organization. The ease of implementation score on the hinderence side is puzzeling. Should the scoring criteria be reversed here?
--Jim Johnstone, 09-08-2011

Good tool to help you identify and prioritze the obstacles for your project. On the Forces Against side, it seems like the instructions say to score this based on ease of reducing the hinderance, so should the ease of implementation rating scale be reversed?
--Jim Johnstone, 09-08-2011

--Karthik, 04-13-2011

It may be my setting, but I was not able to gain access to the information, and believe I am active member? I was able to sign and review the other material list above this reference in the email.
--Joe , 02-18-2011
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