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Pareto Chart Template

Abstract: Use this very basic tool to capture and analyze problem occurrences.

Keywords: Tools and Templates; Pareto

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--ADA I ORTIZ, 04-28-2020

Very handy! No problem using it, either. The code to unlock it was located at the bottom of the Instruction page.
--Michael Kahler, 10-11-2011

The chart is good, but I'm disappointed because it's locked.
We could save it in our collection if the presenter unlock it out. I suggest to share with everybody. Remember, Vilfredo Pareto did it.
--Dayson Castilhos, 01-22-2011

It is good. We can not use, only view it.
--Mani, 11-09-2010

Good :)
--Abhishek Parashar, 05-14-2010

--cheungkc, 04-09-2010

--ahmed, 03-17-2010

--ahmed, 03-17-2010
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