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Analyze Phase Checklist

Abstract: Use this simple checklist to ensure you have completed all the essential activities of this DMAIC phase. See the free companion webinar at

Keywords: Quality Tools; Tools and Templates; Charter; DMAIC: Analyze

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This is a check list that is completely tool oriented. The question is what do you need to accomplish in Analyze. Depending on the project that will direct you towards certain tools. Not all the tools listed (and there are many more for Analyze) are necessarily needed or applicable. This could be a good template if it would at the same time provide guidance instead of just listing tools. It is these kind of templates that trick, especially beginning users, to check the boxes and use tools for the sake of using them. Beginning users need guidance more than anything else.
--Filiep Samyn, 07-17-2009

--Tom Hopper, 07-16-2009
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