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u and c Control Chart Template

Abstract: Use this set of control charts to monitor defects in a manufacturing process or to control errors in a transactional process.

Keywords: Quality Tools; Tools and Templates; Control Chart

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--ahmed, 03-17-2010

--ahmed, 03-17-2010

--ahmed, 03-17-2010

--ahmed, 03-17-2010

--ahmed, 03-17-2010

U & C chart contents it good & quite informative, This is the toll where Daily transation where the customer data is feed like telecom, Insurance etc shall be applicable for improving the process.
--VIJAY, 07-18-2009

This is a powerful tool to present trends of FPY(first pass yeild) to management. The difficulties come to find the root cause (or top 3) of process variation cosidering that the defective are cumulated.
--CSS, 06-22-2009
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