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Quincunx Simulator

Abstract: This spreadsheet allows the user to perform experiments using the classic bead drop method of a Quincunx. Red beads are held in the container at the top of the page. A funnel at the bottom of the container allows one bead to be dropped into the Quincunx. The bead falls left or right over the pins, randomizing the drop. The bead then falls into a bin at the bottom of the page. Multiple bead drops can be performed to generate a normal distribution. The target value and the degree of variation can be adjusted using the spinners on the left. A run chart at the bottom of the page displays a record of the drops.

Keywords: Tools and Templates - DMAIC: Analyze

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I tried to use the simulator but when I try to adjust the target, I keep getting the error, "A formula in this worksheet contains one or more invalid references."

Do you know know how I can fix this?

Please advise. Thanks.
--Elaine G. Quirk, 05-10-2016

Very good. Many thanks.
--Kennie, 03-03-2011
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